Footage of Ubisoft’s Mysterious “Osiris” Surfaces


What is “Osiris”? Well, we know it’s a game from Ubisoft, specifically the Montreal studio that brought the world the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We know it takes place in the past—or at least some mythical fantasy-past. We know it’s got some motion capture.

So why are we talking about something about which we know so little? It seems as though footage of “Osiris” has been discovered online, coming shortly after Ubisoft had stated that the Prince of Persia franchise has been put on hold. Not too long ago, screens of what was believed to be a Prince of Persia reboot were spreading online, but now it seems as though Ubisoft’s been working on something new.

So, again: what is “Osiris”? We just don’t know, but we’re officially paying attention.

“Osiris” Footage via IGN

  1. LOL… Footage URL taken down

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