Sony Launches Browser-Based PlayStation Store

playstation store

Sony has finally brought their browser-based PlayStation Store online in North America, a move that makes me very, very happy. And you know what? The interface is awesome and works really, really well. It’s a hassle-free web-storefront with all of the content that you’d normally browse via your console, but far easier because web-browsers are, like, way better than console-browsers. It’s just a fact.

Not only that, but Sony’s got it’s “13 Games for ‘13” sale going on right now, in which I just picked up The Unfinished Swan for a mere $3.50 as a part of my PlayStation Plus membership. That’s right—I now have another game that I will take a long time to get to playing. There you are.

Seriously, head over to the PlayStation Store right now and go shopping…it’s great, and it’s about damn time.

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