Update: Resident Evil 6 PC to Get Exclusive No Mercy Mode

re6 siege mode


Man, did I get this one wrong. Pretty lame. Okay–the exclusive mode for PC buyers is “The Mercenaries: No Mercy.” This is a new version of “The Mercenaries” mode which makes it way harder apparently, with more enemies on screen than ever before.

NOW–what’s Siege Mode? That’s going to be a $4 add-on available in March for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Good Lord, I was way off.

My apologies for the mix-up. Take a look at the original post below to see how epic my fail was.

Original Post

Today, Capcom published a press release to announce that the forthcoming PC version of Resident Evil 6 will contain an exclusive mode not found on the console version of the game: Siege Mode.

So what the heck is Siege Mode? The press release says it’s an online multiplayer option for two to six players, which split into teams who are tasked with either killing an AI-controlled rookie good guy, or protecting him. “Each game consists of two rounds with teams switching between the human and enemy roles.”

Ugh. That sounds really awful, personally. Whenever you play a game that involves “escort” or “protection” missions, they are almost always the WORST missions. Who wants to worry about protecting some asshole who can’t take care of himself? I remember playing Rogue Leader and just cursing a lot whenever I had to protect some jerkhole frigate or whatever. Just let me blast TIE fighters, man. Or, in this case, zombies.

ANYWAY, my feelings aside, exclusive mode! The PC version of the game drops on March 22, so you have a few weeks to decide if this is worth a purchase. Good news! It’ll only cost $39.99. So that’s a thing.

  1. No Mercy makes it osund like it should be Left 4 Dead related

  2. I cannot forgive the minor confusion from this article! I hereby demand a free copy of RE6 for pc and a cybernetic Terminator modeled after Jessica Alba. I’m being totally seriously.

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