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A post on Eurogamer today asks questions about the fate of the Warhammer 40,000 license that was formerly owned by THQ and developed by THQ-owned Relic Entertainment—which is now the property of Sega after paying $26.6 million during this week’s bankruptcy auction.

So where’s the confusion? Well, Sega hasn’t yet explicitly said that they now hold the rights to Warhammer 40,000—despite the fact that they’ve got an agreement to publish games based on Warhammer, the swords-and-sorcery fantasy iteration of the Games Workshop franchise, developed by Creative Assembly.

At the moment, Sega and Games Workshop both have declined to confirm whether or not the Warhammer 40,000 license—which has spawned the Space MarineKill Team, and Dawn of War series of games—is now in Sega’s hands. It’s odd that they specifically won’t confirm the status one way or another, which seems to signal some special contract stuff that took place between Games Workshop and THQ before all this went down. Chances are Games Workshop’s working on negotiating a better deal with Sega. This is my guess, and is in no way based on evidence that I can present other than what’s already in this post.

At the end of the day, despite the THQ situation seemingly having been resolved earlier this week, we’re likely going to see the after-effects over the next several days and weeks—if not months—to come.

Via Eurogamer

  1. Tzeentch better not screw us over with crap games.

  2. everything is SHIT – CMON Sega REALLY ? oh god

  3. Give it to epic games PLEASE

    • Oh god no, they never did an strategy game in their life and we don’t need another game ruined by the taint of Gears of Boring.

      As long as Sega keep most of the Relic staff, they can keep making games IMO.

  4. I just hope that Dark Millenium will get published :(

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