Day Z Standalone Update


Rocketkiwi, in addition to having the best handle ever, just posted a long update on the Day Z development blog on how the standalone client is coming. In addition to some really impressive screenshots, he also listed some tidbits that you can expect from the game.

This update comes after a decision to completely scrap the ArmA 2 engine and rebuild the game from the ground up. The new server architecture means that game updates will be controlled by an external server now, which is similar to a typical MMO. That means that cheats and hacks won’t be as easy to inject into the game.

Additionally, the game will use Steam rather than Gamespy. And there was much rejoicing.

The update also throws out a few details on how you’ll be able to customize your character. In addition to the fairly standard practice of choosing gender and race when you roll your character, he describes an evolution of your character’s appearance as you play. This includes factors like clothing and tattoos, but leaves it a little more open-ended in alluding to changes from “trying to deal with your own health aliments.”

I’m reading into this a bit, but it’d be crazy cool if the game included scarring from injuries and whatnot. Imagine if you saw some busted up old guy walking around? You’d know that guy has seen some stuff.

The last part that stuck out to me concerns weapon attachments. Not only are they in the game, but they use it to manage ammunition in a pretty hardcore way. Instead of bullets magically popping into your clip when you pick up ammo, you have to reload magazines manually. Then, you attach a magazine to a gun to use it. He even says that the “quantity and condition of your magazines will be particularly important in the standalone.”

Does that mean if you try and put a rusty, nasty clip into your gun that it’ll jam? I can already imagine the horror stories that will pop out of a system like that.

Of course, the update provides no details for a release or even an open test, simply stating “we’re going to take our time.” If you want to really dig into the grit, feel free to read through the whole update yourself.

  1. Thank god they’re ditching the Arma 2 engine and moving on to something more playable. The sheer number of glitches in the original DayZ made it more unplayable than Arma 2 itself.

  2. At least it sounds like they’re taking their time with this, unlike a similar open world mmo zombie survival game… *coughthewarzcough*
    Ehem, sorry. Something in my throat.

  3. They better add a auto respawn button :P

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