League of Legends Coming to Mac, PBE Client Out Now


Steve “Udyr” Mieczkowski, associate producer at Riot Games, let the news break this morning that a native Mac client for League of Legends is on its way to open beta soon, and is currently in testing mode at the studio.

“To make this happen, we’ve been hard at work: Riot engineers re-wrote a lot of the underlying game engine so that both PC and Mac platforms share the same code base and assets. This means Mac players will receive all future features, bug fixes, and new content at the same time as PC users.”

The studio has publicized a PBE (public beta environment) version of the client for anyone interested in a download, so hop to it if you’re for some reason a Mac owner who’s got the MOBA itch. Just make sure you leave the team feedback so they can fix any bugs you come across. And since you’re on that whole “being a nice person” kick, try being a team player. You can’t always gank, jerk.

[Source: Riot Games via Destructoid]

  1. *Go’s back to Dota2*

  2. Funny story, I used to play on the Mac beta two years ago and when they were shutting it down they said that anyone who did spend money on the game could apply for a 100% refund. Me who only played on the mac a little bit but also used a PC and spent quite a bit of money prior to the Mac beta got an e-mail form them saying I could if I wanted to. I said yes but they warned me that I’d lose everything in-game. I didn’t but I got the “refund”.

    I love you Riot Games.

  3. So do you think this means Ubuntu and Linux users can use the mac client as well? That would be pretty tubular.

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