Watch This Fire Emblem: Awakening US Commercial and Get Tense

After years of development for the Nintendo 3DS and a launch prior in Japan, Fire Emblem: Awakening is finally arriving on North American store shelves on February 4, and not without an intense trailer/commercial alongside it to hype you the heck up.

If the trailer already has you in need of fresh pants and a cigarette, pick up your nearby 3DS and download the free demo of the game from the eShop if you haven’t already. Continue enjoying that as you wait for the world’s (and our own) impressions as well as a full review of the game as its February launch marches closer.

Also… someone please buy me the Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Bundle… it’s so beautiful. Don’t tell my girlfriend I said that, she knows it’s prettier than she is and she’ll just get jealous.

Okay, really don’t tell her I said that last part.

  1. That looks really good! Man.

    Is there any kind of continuity to the Fire Emblem series? I haven’t finished any of them but I feel like I need to play the whole series to catch up.

    • I know it revolves somewhat around characters like Marth, Roy and Ike. I seem to recall that it’s like Legend of Zelda, where the worlds are the same and somehow connected, but different time periods or instances are taking place.

      I’m going to look into that… and dig out the old Fire Emblem games.

      • Lawrence Sonntag

        I think I’m sunk now regardless, there’s no way for me to play the GameCube one…

      • Don’t worry, Lawrence. Pretty much every Fire Emblem game takes place within different countries on a different continent in a different period of time and with different characters than the last one.

        Well, this one is sort of linked to the first fire emblem game with Marth in that it is the same continent, but the nations are all different (it is probably some unspecified time afterward). I think someone shows up in the story trying to impersonate Marth, and you can get characters from the previous games through DLC, but that’s it.

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