Starbreeze Unveils New Sci-Fi First Person Shooter

storm starbreeze

Starbreeze Studios, the developer behind the Syndicate reboot, has announced a brand new game with a sparse addition to its website: Storm.

There aren’t too many details known about Storm. The listing on Starbreeze’s site offers only this description: “Currently in development. Co-op Sci Fi FPS. It is our future.”

WHOA. That’s pretty…uninformative. But still, might be kinda cool. I guess. Probably.

Obviously, it’s way too soon to say one way or another, as there’s little to no information here. But I’m in favor of any game that makes cooperative play one of its major components. If I may editorialize for a moment here, though: we’ve got SO MANY first-person-shooters out there already. Is it too much to ask for a space shooter? I mean, just pretend that instead of walking around a building or whatever, you’re inside the cockpit of a spaceship! And instead of another dude with a gun, your cooperative pal is your wingman? COME ON ALREADY, VIDEO GAMES. I NEED ONE OF THESE.

Anyway. That’s what’s up. New game from Starbreeze.

Via Polygon

  1. Syndicate had great co-op. If Storm builds on that I am all kinds of down.

  2. So pretty much what we are looking for is for Starbreeze to make a Freelancer reboot. Then we can all be happy …

  3. If you want to shoot stuff in a space ship go play warframe!! The game is awesome !

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