Project X Zone Coming to North America, Europe & Australia


Project X Zone (pronounced “Project Cross Zone”) will release Summer 2013 in North America, Europe, and Australia as revealed by various tweets and press releases.

Why should you care about this piddly 3DS game? It’s a crazy turn-based strategy mashup featuring characters from Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai properties. That means you can see Mega Man square off with Heihachi from Tekken. Over 200 characters are included in the game, which should satisfy just about any fan (though, to be fair, not all of them are playable).

Also, I feel like it’s time to dust this ol’ girl off, and thanks to NeoGAF for reminding me it exists:


While we’re on the subject of pictures, check out this gallery of screenshots and concept art from the game:


Aside from simply being an awesome-looking game that more people get to play, this is a great sign of health for the 3DS in general. While a game like Project X Zone would have some guaranteed sales in the enthusiast market, it’s becoming less and less financially viable to release what are ostensibly cult favorites in regions outside of Japan. I’m guessing Namco Bandai saw that game sales for 3DS were healthy enough to warrant a worldwide release, and that’s awesome.

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  1. I cannot wait…this looks freaking amazing xD

  2. Oh yeah, had forgotten about Namco Cross Capcom 2, Revenge of Sega.

    Might as well pick it up if it’s not absurdly butchered.

  3. Is Goku, Naruto, or One Piece in this game? they should be since Namco is involved. What about Sonic? I recognize very few characters…

  4. This is fantastic news! Now all we need is a kickass pre-order bonus and the year will be made already!

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