GTA V PC Listed on European Amazon Pages

gta pc

Take this one with a grain of salt: CVG reports that a PC version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has been listed on Amazon’s UK and French pages, a development that signifies almost nothing.

According to the post, Rockstar has not confirmed a PC version of the game, saying only that it’s “up for consideration.” While a listing on Amazon usually doesn’t mean a ton, the last few listings that have hit the gaming press has actually heralded game announcements. Hitman HD Trilogy and Assassin’s Creed Anthology were both first found on Amazon’s listings, followed by official announcements shortly thereafter.

By that same token, this is a listing for a game that hasn’t even received a release date…so it could just be that these are placeholder pages in the event that Rockstar decides to announce a PC version of the game.

Stay tuned for more if and when it ever develops.


  1. Oh, there will be a PC version. And I’m just counting the days until they announce it.

  2. There is always a PC version, 8 to 13 months after the console version gets released…

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