Will Sony Abandon the Dual Shock with the PS4?

ps4 controller

A post on CVG today reports that Sony’s going in a different direction with their controller for their next-gen system. According to two unnamed game developers working on PlayStation 4 games, Sony’s new controller won’t resemble the by-now classic configuration of their Dual Shock line of pads, and will instead move closer to something resembling the PlayStation Vita, but with more bells and whistles than even that feature-packed device already offers.

According to the post, the new controller will “include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen.” Despite these reports, it’s still probably unlikely that the controller will be a completely new beast: I’d be surprised if it didn’t include two analog sticks, a D-pad, and a relatively familiar face-button layout. But given the trends we’re seeing in video games, it’s entirely possible that Sony will wind up with their own version of the Wii U’s GamePad.

Then there’s also the patent filing that was uncovered in December, but which was filed back in 2011. If you’ll recall, that controller design was more of a cross between the PS Move and the standard Dual Shock design…but doesn’t seem to have any kind of touchscreen or anything else involved. Could this be yet another design that may crop up for Sony’s new system?

If these reports turn out to be true, it raises some questions: what role will the biometric sensors play? And where does that leave the future of PlayStation and Vita connectivity? I’m definitely interested to see what Sony’s got up its sleeve—and the post says that Sony will reveal its new console “in a matter of weeks, not months.”

What do you think? What kinds of features would you want to see in a new Sony controller? For me, as long as they move that left analog stick higher up—more like the Xbox 360 controller—I’ll be happy.


  1. Biometrics would probably be for user identification, can’t seem to think any other use for it, and a new controller design… hmm not sure if I like that, although, the PS controllers aren’t ideal for 3D games… might as well wait and see.

  2. I actually prefer having the left stick lower. I think they need to work on those triggers. They aren’t as easy to reach as the Xbox’s. As a result, every shooter I’ve played on PS3 uses the bumpers (L1 and R1) to shoot. I don’t like that. My favorite triggers actually were the Gamecube ones!

  3. Really? So Nintendo pretty much sets the trend for EVERYTHING? I’ll laugh my a** off if Sony and MS announce their consoles with these controller types. Originality is what made the Wii a smashing success. PS Move was a joke, and Kinect just flat out sucks.

  4. I hope to god not. i have a PS vita and i like the feel of it but my child was a dualshock, infact my childhood should be renamed dualshock!

    • Well, dualshock had its time, but I think its for the better if we part ways. We made it through after leaving our lover with a single joystick. Maybe this touchpad version will help mend the wounds? :D

  5. all it needs is buttons on the back – an extra button or two would be awesome (no more holding to go prone/pick up weapon)

  6. That’s actually kinda disappointing to hear. I mean the dualshock design is, in my eyes, the best controller layout ever. It’s why I use a Logitech gamepad over a 360 controller on my PC. It seems like the more rumors I hear about the PS4, I lose more and more interest in Sony’s next console.

  7. they better not move the left analog up higher like the 360 i love the ps controller way more than the crappy 360 controller

  8. I respect Sony and I personally love the PS consoles, but really? The bio-metric sensors are neat, but I really don’t get this “slap a LCD touch screen on the controller so it’s now awkward to hold and maneuver” approach that so many gaming companies are going for these days.

  9. Many of the new features may suffer the same fate as sixaxis. Dificult and awkward to use, and often just rerouted to the left analog stick. I just hope that it is made familiar enough that we don’t have to actually read the manual to learn how to use it

  10. F$#& the touch screen.

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