Too Human Pulled from Xbox Marketplace

too human

According to various sources, Silicon Knights’ ambitious but commercially underwhelming game, Too Human, has disappeared from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The game was likely pulled as a result of the fallout from the lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic Games, the latter of which having made the Unreal Engine3.

When Silicon Knights lost the suit, it was ordered to recall and destroy the games it had made using the engine, and Too Human was most certainly on that list, especially considering SK brought its suit against Epic because of allegations that Epic’s lack of support hurt the final product.

So now Too Human’s been pulled from the marketplace. While THQ continues to limp along to an auction where they’ll be bought by other companies whole or in part, I’m curious to see how long Silicon Knights can keep going, such as it is at the moment. Anyone want to place a bet?

Via Eurogamer

  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish

  2. Say, how does one become involved in Inside Gaming, like doing reviews or news or previews?

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