Skyrim DLC Making its Way to PC and PS3 in February

skyrim dlc

The wait is finally over. This morning, Bethesda announced that the long-awaited DLC packs for Skyrim would be making their way to the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms next month. Woohoo!

The PC is going to get the Dragonborn DLC on February 5 via Steam, while the PS3 will get all three DLC packs (Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard, in that order) as the month continues. Interestingly, Bethesda’s post doesn’t mention a specific date in February, which is troubling considering the trouble they had getting the DLC out for the PS3 in the first place. But, in what seems like something of an apology to spurned PS3 fans, the DLC packs will be 50 percent off during their first week of launch on the PSN. How’s that for an “I’m sorry”? I think it’s pretty aight.

Any PS3 gamers feel good about this? Or is it a case of too little, too late?

Via Bethesda

  1. Too late; sold mine.

  2. Since it’s gonna be 50% off during launch week I guess I gotta buy it :D

  3. Though I think DLC in general shouldn’t cost so much, them being 50% makes up for the long wait.

  4. Yes a little Dragon Born in between Dead Space3 will be very nice.

  5. I will buy it as this was the first game of this type I have played and loved it and will now finally be able to have some new content. I am upset though but if they get it to us and at half off that takes the sting out but I doubt I buy another Bethesda game after their playing exclusives when we all paid for the game and then that happened I think they have hurt some of their console support I am a die hard ps3 user and will continue to be.

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