SimCity Beta Kicks Off January 25, Natural Disasters Incoming


Maxis and Electronic Arts will host the long-awaited beta for the upcoming city-building simulator SimCity starting on January 25, Maxis announced through Twitter this morning. The beta will conclude on January 28.

Those lucky enough to gain access to the register-only beta will have an hour-long section of the game at their playable disposal. This beta will unfortunately only be available to PC players, but the game will be available on both Mac and PC at launch on March 5.

If you’re interested in getting in on the beta (and you haven’t registered yet for some silly reason), head on over to the SimCity website and get your application in before the deadline, 9 p.m. ET on January 21.

Let us know if you get in, folks! We’ll be waiting to curse your cities with the blazing fires of 100 smoldering suns! But since the beta won’t have multiplayer support, you’ll only have to imagine that we did that… or at least wait until the game comes out so we can getting going on that then.

[Source: Maxis]

  1. I have never been waiting for a game on the edge of my seat with some much anticipateion, sim city will be amazing this time ! Glaasbox is working awesome and your city is always running now since its on maxis/Ea servers IT’S SO AWESOME ! PLUS multiplayer like how can you beat this amazing game ? I’ll tell you. you can’t !

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