Far Cry 3 PC Patch Released, Fixes Things


The latest patch for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 for PC has finally been released, and with it a number of improvements that eliminate previously documented issues ranging from single player bugs to multiplayer glitches.

Multiplayer Fix Highlights

  • Bug preventing players from jumping on certain surfaces
  • Bug causing weapons to disappear after completing certain co-op objectives
  • Bug causing players to be unable to break out of third-person view in custom games
  • Bug causing de-syncing of players that die in mid-air.
  • No longer possible to have unbalanced teams
  • Host migration will now activate if connection speed of current hosts drops
  • Online leaderboards fixed, updating properly now

Single Player Fix Highlights

  • Bug causing players to turn invisible after failing the mission ‘Black Gold’ multiple times
  • Bug where Sam (A.I. companion) doesn’t disappear from the jeep turret or freeze when the player destroys enemy cars.

Also noteworthy are the fixes applied to the game’s map editor, more specifically that you can now use longer map names. Also, the not-quite-as-rare-as-it-could-have-been bug that prevented player maps from downloading correctly has been fix-i-fied.

If you want a full rundown of the changes made and fixes applied to Far Cry 3 in its entirety, check out the patch notes listed in Ubisoft’s original post.

[Source: Ubisoft via Polygon]

  1. They need to fix molotov cocktails in multiplayer. On the PS3 to be specific. When you throw’em you get caught on fire yourself

  2. 1. In mission Ambush after planting c4 and climbing on water tower mission is failed every time because enemy is attacked before being ambushed. I do not shoot at all.
    2. Mission Testing Unit is impossible to finish because during the first dog attack I am unable to do any movement besides keeping Pause. No other command appears and there is no reaction for pressing other keys.
    I have PC.

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