Antichamber Releasing January 31, Still Colorfully Trippy

Antichamber, the “MC Escher-like mindfuck” of a first-person puzzle game, has come to the end of its long and anticipation-generating four-year development cycle by its creator, Alexander Bruce. It will launch on Steam on January 31 for a to-be-announced-soon-enough price.

The game, which is heavily influenced by Escher and the consumption of substantial intakes of hallucinatory drugs, is focused on delivering an experience unlike most, with brain-twisting puzzles and trippy environments to explore and indulge in.

In an interview with Polygon, Bruce explained that Antichamber took as long as it did due to his development style with the game, in that it’s been a lot of “experimenting, failing and experimenting again, over and over until it eventually worked.”

Since it’s unveiling, Antichamber has gone on to take home a number of awards, including a slew of indie-appreciation titles like the 2012 Independent Games Festival Award for Technical Excellence, the Freeplay 2011 awards for Best Game and Best Design, as well as the winner of the 2011 PAX10 – that’s without mentioning that it was a finalist in the running at both IndieCade and DICE.

If you’re as interested in the game as I am, keep your steam overlay locked to Antichamber on January 31, where you’ll be able to throw money at it until you can’t feel your legs. Granted, that might be diabetes knocking at your door, but at least you’ll have the benefit of knowing early enough to get yourself to the hospital before it proceeds to taking over the rest of your body.

You’re welcome.

[Quote Source: Polygon]

  1. Wow, this game is finally coming out huh? I can remember seeing in on Inside Gaming Weekly I think.

  2. Anyone who is old enough to remember early days MTV gotta remember those trippy ass commercials, somehow this game reminds me of that.

  3. Man, after playing Synesthetic, I feel more than afraid to try this game out.

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