LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game Announced

lego marvel

Earlier today, TT Games, Warner Bros. Interactive, and LEGO announced the upcoming release of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, the latest video game adaptation of LEGO’s licensed building sets. Slated for a release this fall, Marvel will appear on just about every platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii U, 3DS, DS, and Vita. Yowza.

The game’s story will revolve around SHIELD Director Nick Fury putting a call out to his pals Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the rest to fight off evil, which comes in the form of Loki and Galactus—though I’m sure many more will appear. In fact, the press release boasts that the game will offer up over 100 unlockable characters. So, if you liked both LEGO Batman and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, this game is basically your dream come true.

The game will also feature that most important of settings, the Marvel version of New York. This might just be the first time New York is in a LEGO game, even if it is the Marvel one with the Baxter Building and Avengers Tower and all that jazz.

Interestingly, the game’s being published by Warner Bros. Interactive…which owns DC Comics. And Marvel’s owned by Disney, which has its own video game department. While I’m sure there are plenty of licensing loopholes provided by the partnership with LEGO and all that, I do wonder whether or not it’ll ever be possible to have a giant LEGO crossover game, pitting the DC characters against the Marvel dudes. I’m sure that this will NEVER HAPPEN…but man, wouldn’t it be great if LEGO could unite these two warring families? Like a brick-built Romeo & Juliet…

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