Walking Dead Sells 8.5 Million Episodes

walking dead

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal’s technology blog, Digits, reported that Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead managed to sell over 8.5 million episodes over the course of 2012. Not bad considering the game came out over the summer. The numbers translate out to about $40 million in sales (not counting promotions, of which there were many). And roughly a quarter of those sales were on iOS devices.

That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. A game like The Walking Dead is likely just as good on consoles and PCs as it would be on mobile devices…the game would hardly need to change at all to fit the platform. What other game can boast as much?

In the meantime, ShackNews reported the other day that Telltale is hard at work on figuring out how to bring data saved from the first season of episodes into the second season. Apparently the process isn’t as simple as it might seem…but if nothing else, EA and BioShock BioWare managed to do it for their Mass Effect franchise, right? That is, right up until the ending…

Via Digits and ShackNews

  1. Are you guy’s so excited for Bioshock infinite that you actually wrote Bioshock instead of Bioware?

  2. I bet season 2 is gonna be slow, under budget and boring. If not they should do it on purpose as a big joke then go bankrupt… That’s not funny… I’m excited.

  3. I’m afraid. Letting these choices pile up will only force the devs to make the consequences less important. I really, really hope they studied the ME series and learn from their mistakes…

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