Prepare Yourselves for Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk teaser

Last year, Witcher developer CD Projekt Red announced their new game, Cyberpunk 2077, based on the pen-and-paper RPG Cyberpunk created by Mike Pondsmith. There hasn’t been much word of the game since October, when Pondsmith himself—who’s working with the CD Projekt Red team on the game—explained what we could expect from the new title.

We don’t know yet when the game will come out, or for what platforms—but we do know that there’s going to be a new trailer on Thursday. So, to whet your appetite, we’ve got a teaser image at the top of this post.

LOOK AT THAT SCIENCE-FICTION GUN! It doesn’t get more cyberpunk than that. Check back here on Thursday for the trailer, you animals…

  1. MMMM… this game is gonna take whatever syndicate did and make it into a plausible RPG. Epicness inbound.

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  3. God that one picture sends jigglies through my nethers. CD Projekt how you so awesome?

  4. Hey, where the hell is the witcher 1 + 2 you promised for the ps3??

    That aside, cyberpunk-shadowrun? I think you can do it.

  5. If this game is as deep as Witcher, then I’ll literally die and go to heaven. That fresh smell of new IP is too sweet.

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  7. Sexyness. I’m so up for the Cyberpunk game. When can you preorder? :D

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  9. Will this be released for Linux too??

  10. Daft Punk’s New Album?
    WHUUUT !?!?!?
    Nice Video ByTheWay . . .

  11. Having know Mike Pondsmith for a very long time and played the original Cyberpunk this game should rock.. Mike isn’t one to hype something that been part of his life for so long to let drop.. I full looking forward to this game The CG teaser is great and It tells me he want details in these game to bring out the best of it.. It may not be what will be in the game but I will tell you Mike was inspired by the Cyberpunk novels and Anime of the late 80. and early 90’s This game will carry on his love of that nor. Can’t wait to see more as it come..

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