THQ Giving Away Free Code for Metro 2033

metro giveaway

As if its headline grabbing Humble Bundle success weren’t enough, THQ has gone to the next level, flat-out giving away Steam codes to download a digital copy of Metro 2033. What’s the catch? Just like them on Facebook. That’s pretty easy.

The promotion’s a way to hype up the March 2013 release of Metro: Last Light, for sure. But still, given THQ’s financial problems over the last year, I’m not totally sure that straight-up giving away games is the best way to make money. Then again, over the last few weeks THQ’s been in the news, and not for losing money, waiting to file bankruptcy, or lawsuits. Instead, it’s “hey, free or cheap games!” So if nothing else, from a marketing standpoint, this is a good move.

So I’m going to download this game today. When will I play it? I have literally no idea. But it never hurts to have more free stuff just waiting around for a snowy day.

Thanks again for the tip, 6souls.

  1. yeah! free shit is always welcome here.

  2. Guys i downloaded this game 2 days ago and i must tell you it is amazing

    definetly recommend downloading this and spreading it to your friends

  3. I always wanted to play this game but never got the chance, so my heart skipped a beat when i saw they were giving it away for free. So far I’m only about an hour into the game, and I’m loving it.

  4. Already have it on xbox. That being said, I still want it for free too.

  5. Failure to take advantage of this would be downright stupid. Metro 2033 was easily one of my favorite games of the last few years. The setting and atmosphere are stunningly well-presented, and the story is one of the best ever to grace a video game. The levels are exceedingly well-designed (venture off the beaten path whenever you have enough filters for your gasmask), with the exception of one time where it’s very hard to tell where you’re going (look up), and a level that basically forces you to use the stealth approach (the enemy AI is perceptive, accurate and ruthless). If you’re looking for an absorbing first person shooter, it’s hard to beat Metro 2033.

  6. THQ is smart, pretty much anyone who had interest on the game already either bought on the Steam’s Autumn sale or the THQ bundle, so offering free now is a smart deal because it’s going to reach everyone else.

  7. GODAM. I bought it during the Autumn sale AND the Humble Bundle!

  8. Free game promotion ends in one hour, midnight PST.

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