Humble THQ Bundle Raises $5 Million

humble thq

When the Humble THQ Bundle launched two weeks ago, it caused a bit of a stir, raising $2.2 million in about a day, and resulting in a stock value increase for the company. Now that it’s over, the Bundle managed to bring in over $5.09 million, a total of 885,299, with the largest contributor being THQ’s president, Jason Rubin, who threw in a cool ten grand.

It’s unclear how much of the $5 million that was raised will go toward Child’s Play or the American Red Cross, but chances are good that they’ll be getting a decent chunk. And how about that Jason Rubin? I have a feeling he already had those games, so his $10,000 contribution was pretty generous. Unless that money just went right back to THQ. In which case, that’d be kind of weird.

Anyway, selling almost 900,000 THQ bundles has got to be pretty decent for morale back at the office. It’s been a rough year for the company, so hopefully this is the kick in the pants it needs to make 2013 better than 2012.

Via Joystiq

  1. They added like 3 more games. Absolutely amazing what the humble crew and the THQ crew managed to produce here. Just amazing.

  2. The games aren’t that alluring to me, but the cause seems worth it.

  3. This is good news! I’d be disappointed if THQ went bust. I’d hate to lose Metro, Saints Row or anything else by them

  4. Stay strong brothers !!!! WE can still expekt DOW 3

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