343 Industries Says Next Halo Game Already in the Works

halo 5

A post on CVG today reports that 343 Industries is already beginning preliminary work on the next installment in the Halo franchise. Franchise development director Frank O’Connor said, “a lot of people at 343 are already prototyping ideas and software and art for future Halo products.”

He continued:

“I can’t say more than that, but work on the game started actually before we launched Halo 4 and continues apace as we cycle staff through the team’s vacation breaks. We’re excited about the next game.”

Is that Halo 5? Maybe. Probably. The post notes that 343 is tackling another trilogy of major games, and with Halo 4 having been a monstrous hit, proving the developer’s credibility with fans, you can bet your sweet bippy that they’ll want to get going on the follow-up ASAP.

O’Connor also discussed the near-term future for the franchise:

“Spartan Ops season 2 is yet to be decided, we’re looking at how the first season does. We got such great responses from ‘Forward Unto Dawn‘ and Spartan Ops that we’re pretty happy with it and we’re learning a lot of really interesting stuff for the future. You are going to see a spectrum of Halo support through the next year and beyond.”

So! Now that we’re officially talking about it—what do you want to see in Halo 5? Ready, speculate, GO!


  1. Bungie to make it would be a great thing ;)

    I miss the flood being able to scare the crap out of me and the thrils and excitment the campaign used to give me. Perhaps I have just aged mind…

    I miss the Arbiter tbh…play as covenenant in campaign again maybe?

  2. I want Halo Wars 2…

    • areyoufuckingserious

      • What is wrong with that? I found it fun and I want to know what the heck happened to the Spirit of Fire! Halo Wars 2 could be developed by Robot Entertainment. That should not affect the development of Halo 5 much. If Microsoft does not want to risk a full retail release then they can easily make it a small downloadable game on XBLA.

  3. In Halo 5, I would love to see the return of Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam(and hopefully Rtas ‘Vadum?), to team up with Master Chief. I love Jul ‘Mdama, so I hope his vengeance continues in Halo 5 and end in Halo 6. The appearance of ‘Telcam would be great too. Also being able to choose “Elites” as a playable species in the Campaign, and other games, being it Customs or Multi-player Matchmaking or both.
    Fire Fight and Racing game types, bring them back!
    Theater mode in ALL game types.
    Wort wort!

  4. The ability to play as other species like the jakles and brutes would be cool

  5. Most definitely for Halo 5 there has to be a WAY longer campaign. Obviously since we shall be playing all new Halos on the NEW Xbox and its quad core, radeon graphics we hace that spectrum covered. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH BUT THEATER MODE WITH FRIENDS HAS TO COME BACK!!!! It’s fucking annoying not bein able to watch great vids with your friends but instead you watch it alone and sad.

  6. Of course they keep working. It’s not like the entire studio takes a three month break ;P

  7. Well, I would like if they took a little more time on 5. I really really liked Halo 4, it was much better then I expected it would be. But it really felt rushed. So I hope they take a little more time with the story and Make a nice long campaign this time out.

  8. Still have my hopes up for Halo 2 Anniversary. I hope 343i and Microsoft realize exactly how much money will be literally thrown at them if they do make it.

  9. I’d like to see them focus on Campaign a lot more, and maybe offer up some new weapon choices for multiplayer. The actual gameplay is solid and polished, and so they don’t really need to do anything to it. Multiplayer is fine too, but the whole ‘create a class’ option seems a little limited since you’ll pretty much stick to one or two classes, out of the five they give you.

    As for the campaign, I just felt like the entire thing were a mess. There were parts that absolutely required a large understanding of the supplementary material, and that’s not good storytelling. You should have your viewer equipped with the information he needs to make sense of everything, rather than just assuming everyone is going to read all the books and look at all the terminals. There also needs to be less reliance of shitty twists to try and make us feel something. Overall, a return to Bungie-style story telling would really be preferred.

  10. Goodbye good halo multiplayer, you will be missed.

  11. Christ…. Is that going to be chief and cortana after their fat halo 4 checks? Lol.

    On another note, i’m glad they’re jumping to 5 so soon. Next gen will need some good brands at lineup. Halo 5, DA3, and a few other games are on my list.

  12. Hmmm I’d like either Halo 5 but you take part as the Arbiter and see whats happened with him.
    Halo 2 Anniversary.
    or Halo Wars 2…sure its not every ones cup of tea but it was something different which I liked..

  13. Id like them to create an halo 2 anniversary and for master chief never to die!

  14. Yeah I agree with the people who want to be bring back the Arbiter and being able to play as like grunts and jackels and such. How bout you take the Beast mode game type from Gears of War 3 like how the locust killed humans but instead covenant kill humans

  15. is there anyway they can bring cortana back and plzz dont comments asking if im retarted or something

    • That’s relative, they could make a new AI from Halsey’s and stuff and it would technically be Cortana, sans all the experience and affection she developed with the chief for 8 years.

      Now bringing THE Cortana back, that would require a major shark jump.

  16. Thank u jake i really want her back hopefully n not just a copy or some in halo4 cortana said it clear dr.halsey can re make a new model but not the same.

  17. I think 343 did a fantastic job on Halo 4! the graphics are outstanding and un compare ables to any game out right now and the cinematics were just brilliant it felt like I was watching halo the movie! halo 1 set the bar completely opened our minds and showed us to something we never thought we would seen in the gaming world. Halo 2 Halo 3 and even Halo Reach we’re all amazing but none of them fully opened the curtains to the halo universe like 343 did. they dug so much deeper into the plot , in into the world and strings that hold halo together and make it what it is. brought out and explained all the questions we’ve had for a very long time since Halo 1. and it doesn’t stop there they showed us more the characters that we fell in love with from the beginning Corrina and master chief. Showed us what they were really made of when the world rested on their shoulders and how it affected them emotionally as well. stoked to see hat 343 does with Halo 5 they sure as hell made a mark with Halo 4 inin my book. I’ve been a true Halo fan since halo 1 made its mark and debut release and I’m happy to say 343 is more than welcome in my home and sure as hell free to do whatever they please with the halo games. I think it would be interesting if they eventually made a Halo game but instead of fighting is Master Chief you are a former 4 Runner fighting the flood on a 4runner planet. Now that would be anan interesting story and perspective to capture

  18. If 343 is going to make another halo they need to keep master chief in it because i dont want to play as a pussy spartan 3 and you should be able to custamize master chiefs armor like how you could change noble 6 armor in halo reach

  19. Halo 2 odst and

  20. I wish they would bring back flood and dual weilding pistols like in halo 3 and where did all of the weapons go from halo 3 and they should have a campaign selection like they do in alien vs predator one campaign for the covenant and for the unsc and have some more easter eggs in this one and if they can bring back firefight because halo reach in my opinion they ruined firefight they did much better on odst so if you can fix that and please bring back the flood it was amazing the first time I saw one I was like HOLY CRAP what is going on here and if you could also some how be able to create youre own helmet and the rest of youre armor and skins for guns but that might just ruin it and if the fore runners make a come back it would be cool if you could also make a campaign for them and vehicles

  21. I think they should call it Halo5: Grunt Rebellion, where the grunts would break away from the covenant and sgt johnson would lead the grunts with the help of the ODST. Of course the good guys would prevail and the grunts would turn good. :)

  22. Also bring back the brutes, but keep the flood away!!!!! I really liked ODST and continuing that would be neat.

  23. My wish list for Halo 5:
    -More grenades. Maybe bring back the spike grenade and flame grenade. What about an EMP grenade? And what about a sensor grenade?
    – More vehicles; New UNSC, expecially flying vehicles. Forerunner vehicles. New covenant vehicles.
    – Make the active camo have a radar jammer.
    -DUAL WIELDING! I know this may be hard, but it is possible!
    -Competitive playlist. Bring MLG back to Halo!
    -Flood types! Different Floods characters! Kinda like Halo 1.
    -Make weapons balanced and balance the nooby weapons.
    -More gametypes and keep some simple.
    -Faster recharge time for the shields.
    -Make even more UNSC weapons and Forerunner Weapons! Make a new weapon in the category of the DMR and BR.
    -Make the BR a little faster then the DMR to balance it.
    -Crazyyy Rank System!!!!
    -Make the human technology a little more advanced then usual. I want to see some more laser weapons. Just look at the technology today! It is fabulous!
    Anyway I think that’s all. I hope 343 takes some of this and some of other people’s ideas and their own ideas to make an fantastic game that will blow our mind!

  24. could you bring back the arbiter or johnson. a game about the arbiter’s story would be great. just so people could see how he came to be

  25. I think the Arbiter should come back I was little bummed when I stared halo 4.
    also brutes should come back halo 4 was easy without brutes.
    and last of all hated when the flood died in halo 3.
    after halo3 i was a little boomed

  26. All I have to say is yes take the time on the campaign and ya cortana be nice to have back. Which she split her self up into a lot of parts which the could make a story about trying to find her back but also halo wars needs a next part and I like the fact of the missing parts in the story leaves more room for add ins and more games to be added to it more leads to a lot of games and ya chief in the movie after the credits getting new armor love it hope it not real different from his the suits he had but a change would be nice and Easter eggs are alway good more to the story and miss the skulls. I like to be able to know more of the Spartans make and if they make the start of the game to where you start off as human to make you way to spartin I love that too it complet the story some from wars and halo and the movie just more of halo is alsome

    • I really don’t want Cortana back, not because I don’t like her, but because it would be incredibly stupid to make her do the ultimate sacrifice for humanity and then bring her back, it cheapens the whole story arc, might as well re-write Halo 4 then.

  27. I really want to see halo wars 2. The first halo wars was so fun and I would be so happy if halo wars 2 was announced at e3 this year. Ps I will be very pissed if 343 makes halo 2 anniversary. If you want to play halo 2 buy that instead of a remake, it will save you $60

  28. Hi I think that they could bring Cortana back seeing that she may have ended up going into the system with the other ai’s she was made from a human’s tissue so she may have had a soul allowing her to go into one of the forerunner systems with her memories and so on. It would be complicated but yes they could bring her back.

  29. BRING BACK THE ARBITER THEL VADAM bring back the arbiter in as many halos as you can starting with halo 5 I LOVE THE ARBITER HE is MY FAVORITE CHARACTOR

  30. Make second player be able to play as the arbiter in the campaign like in halo 2 and 3 and have him come in and save master chief I think that would work well around the begining of the campaign and second player can play as arbiter after he saves chief please do this I and evry one else wants arbiter back and I just gave pretty much the best idea for it so now its upto you to make it happen

  31. Follow up make the arbiter the one from halo 2 and 3

  32. I would like to understand the convent again. I like the grunts and their run and hide

  33. I want master cheif I don’t care about anything else just master cheif

  34. I want a halo wars 2

  35. Please read 343
    Ok I have a few requests and a lot of ideas. Let’s start of with MUST HAVES. One we would all love for a longer campaign and take more time. (As much as you need.) Also, by reading the comments we all want arbiter back. Like somewhere in the middle have master chief walk into a big battle of the rouge elites from halo 4 fighting the elites (from halo 3) that are being lead by arbiter. We all are also requesting firefight. Firefight+343= total badass shit. Brutes I would love to see the brutes again. I also really want you guys to think about halo 2. Anniversary. You guys will not belive how much money you will make. You guys will have money being thrown and blasted at you from every which way. Also the campaign. This would be cool. After you beet the main campaign you would be able to unlock an alternative campaign where you play as the arbiter and his side of the story. Do something like that. New and fresh. Something bungie would never do. I have many more ideas. If you would like to here more of my ideas. (You would like them) and I’m not some lil fan boy. Ok. email me at ryanaustin.ra.12@gmail.com. also don’t show chiefs face. It would literally kill the series. He is suppose to be a mystery. And…..don’t kill him.

  36. Bring cortana back also the Arbiter and keep master chief

  37. i think it might be cool if you add more assassinations and guns and deffintly bring back chief and maybe have a side game where u play as cortona or maybe the covanet

  38. Hi I was just wandering if you can bring arbiter back because hes one of my favorite characters plus in halo 4 I thought you can be all types of flood so maybe you can make that plus more weapon selection. Oh and can you maybe in multiplayer be a forerunner knight.

  39. I have an idea for a halo flying vehicle. It looks and flies like a reach falcon, but has the weaponry of a hornet + a rear mounted spartan laser turret. Carries 3. It would be called the yellow jacket.

  40. i want halo wars 2

  41. I think you guys should bring back cortana because you guys just told all halo fans to go fuck them selves when you killed cortana and i know a lot of people who wont buy anymore halo games if you guys dont bring back cortana and besides halo is not halo without cortana so way to piss everyone in the world off and way to ruin halo bungie would have never done anything like that

  42. Maybe bring back forge would back or somthng like an u do make it where u have to download it because some of us dont have xbox live thanks

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