Wii Fit U Launching in First Half of 2013


Announced via today’s Nintendo Direct video stream, Wii Fit U will launch in the first half of next year, and will come coupled with an electronic pedometer titled the Fit Meter. Sure, it was originally unveiled at E3 2012, but you folks come here for the latest in electronic pedometer news, and darn it all if we’re not going to give it to you.


Looking at this, does anyone else want to dig out that old time-sink more formally known as Pikachu Tomagotchi? That little sucker had me fit as a fiddle, what with all the walking it required to train the darn Pikachu. No wait, once I found out you could sit on the dryer and get the same effect, that extracurricular walking pretty much came to a screeching halt.

Maybe a purchase of Wii Fit U is in order after all.

  1. The dryer… lol, I should have thought of that…

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