Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Offer New Weapons


If you’ve yet to pre-order your copy of Dead Space 3 yet, this bit of news might provide incentive enough for you to finally plop down the initial handful of game-reserving cash. Players who pre-order their copy from GameStop or Amazon will receive exclusive weapons for Isaac (the main character of DS3) to use against the hordes of necromorphs that hide ever-so-timidly in those darned-and-dirty air vents.

No matter which of the two retailers you order from, the bonuses are included with your Limited Edition copy of the game, which comes with an additional two suits of armor and two weapons. The Limited Edition is given to all who order early.

If you don’t like either of the two weapons listed below that come with your order, you can always modify them with the in-game editor or simply build your own. Dead Space just wants you to be happy.


The included weapon for everyone’s favorite brick-and-mortar game store is the EG-900 SMG, a submachine gun that features an “internal hyper-accelerator,” whatever that means.


Those who fancy online shopping and order Dead Space 3 from Amazon will receive the Tesla Enervator, which electrocutes targets on hit and molecularly destabilizes them. Yikes… when can I get my hands on this thing, you ask?

Dead Space 3 will launch on February 5, 2013 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

[via EA]

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