Inside Gaming Awards 2012 Nominees Announced


We at Inside Gaming are proud today to announce the nominees of games that we will celebrate at the Inside Gaming Awards 2012. This year has been incredible for gaming and we regret that we have only so many awards to give. Please join us on December 8, 2012 for the Inside Gaming Awards and see which titles are awarded their respective awards.

Here is the full list of categories, click on one to jump to that listing:

Game of the Year
Best Co-operative Multiplayer
Best Competitive Multiplayer
Best Sound Design
Best Art Direction
Best Animation
Best Environmental Design
Best Original Score
Most Original Game
Best Game Cinematography
Best Narrative
Best Downloadable Game
Best Indie Game
Best Additional Content
Best Character Design
Best Trailer


borderlands 2







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borderlands 2




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  1. Did everyone forget Tokyo jungle?

  2. I have 2 questions. First: couldn’t you wait until Far Cry 3 comes out? Because I really think that Far Cry 3 is one of the most promissing games of the year and it could win a lot of awards. But I still expect to see Far Cry 3 in next years nominees. Second: Why does Darksiders 2 get just one nominee? The game should at least have made it to Best art design, Best character design and maybe Best sound design. 0.o

  3. I gotta think Halo will win animation. Some of the mocap in that game was just phenomenal.

  4. Borderlands 2 is no doubt my favorite game from this year.

  5. Walking Dead should win all the award sin their nominated category!!

  6. Loving the discussion here. We can’t specifically address questions on games’ inclusion or exclusion right now though. Maybe after the awards ceremony…

  7. Borderlands 2 should win best game overall and best Co-operative. The Walking Dead Season One definitely deserves best downloadable game and best narrative IMO.

    • Borderlands 2 shouldn’t win for best game of the year because the game was fun in co-op but in single-player it si boring and repetitive.

  8. Really? Assassins Creed 3 does not get nominated for best story? You’re breaking my balls Machinima!
    I’m pulling for Connor as best character, seriously, that man IS Freedom.

  9. My choice would be Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for best competitive Multiplayer. But we all know it’s just gonna be Halo 4 or Black ops 2 that gets the win.

  10. its great to see team fortress 2 in the best additional content section

  11. Mann vs Machine better win, that is the shiz
    also FTL.

  12. XCom has my vote for GOTY.

  13. Will farcry be added to the lists after it comes out?

  14. Man Spec Ops The Line for most original. That game is intense.

  15. Guys please play the walking dead or even just google it, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW AMAZING THIS GAME IS IT DOES NOT SEEM LIKE A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You seem to have war for cybertron in best animation. Even though it came out a few years ago. You probably mixed up fall of cybertron for it.

  17. I don’t know about you fine folks, but there’s a pretty dang stellar lineup for each and every category. Just look at that GOTY slate!

  18. The Walking Dead all the way. The characters are just freakin’ AMAZING.

  19. Holy hell everything is so damned stacked, I can’t even predict who’s gonna come out on top. Unfortunately, I don’t think Halo 4 (mah favorite) will win much…the competition is better in almost every category. The only ones I can think it will have a chance in off the top of my head is cinamatography, animation, and competitive mulitplayer. However, due to popularity and peer pressure, I believe Black Ops 2 will win competitive multiplayer.

  20. what about best campaign because if i was going for some nominees Halo 4 and Ghost recon future soldier should be some

  21. Did XCOM just get nominated for GOTY and nothing else?

    Lol you guys should have nominated Assassin’s Creed III or Journey instead. Or both but whatever still a good list.

  22. i think Borderlands 2 is going to get GOTY and cortana isn’t gonna get best character design because SPOILER: shes dead :P

  23. Sorry guys, but by not including Dark Souls on one of these lists, you lose a lot of credibility. Looks to me like most of this was influence by sales numbers, rather than a true awareness of what makes a game innovative. Disappointing.

    • Well, to be as clear and concise as I can, it should be noted that this is the nomination list for the 2012 IG Awards. Dark Souls came out in 2011. If you’re referring to the Prepare to Die Edition, it is not up for any nominations, no.

      Even though many people enjoyed that game, it’s simply not up for debate this year due to its release date not falling into the 2012 judging window. Sorry. If it’s any consolation, its DLC (which did release this year) is nominated for ‘Best Additional Content.’

      And if we’re influencing our decisions by sales, we probably should just give every award to Black Ops II and Halo 4. That would be disappointing.

      • Much agreed good sir and for the guy from before,
        FromSoft’s games always end up as hidden gem games.
        Ever heard of Armored Core, Demon’s Souls, Kings Field, Otogi and Tenchu?
        FromSoft is used to it.

  24. This year kind of sucks because there are a couple good games like Halo 4, ME3, and AC3 that just trump every other game in the categories just because so much work was put into them. Although, I guess you can blame other developers for not putting the same amount of work into their games, but I guess you have to take into account the fact that not all games have multi-million dollar budgets.

    This would be my personal list.

    Game of the Year: Halo 4

    Best Co-operative Multiplayer: Mass Effect 3

    Best Competitive Multiplayer: Halo 4

    Best Sound Design: Halo 4

    Best Art Direction: Halo 4

    Best Animation: Halo 4

    Best Environmental Design: Assassin’s Creed III

    Best Original Score: Halo 4

    Best Game Cinematography: Halo 4

    Best Narrative: Mass Effect 3

    Best Downloadable Game: The Walking Dead: Season One

    Best Indie Game: Fez

    Best Additional Content: Earth DLC – Mass Effect 3

    Best Character Design: Cortana – Halo 4

    Best Trailer: Take Back Earth – Mass Effect 3

  25. Gawd, there is no question about it, Walking Dead all the way!! (Sorry Assassin’s Creed)…

  26. Here’s the list, in my expressed opinion:

    Game Of The Year – COD: Black Ops 2 (Far Cry 3, if possible..)

    Co-Op Multiplayer: Journey

    Competitive Multiplayer: COD: Black Ops 2

    Sound Design: Mass Effect 3

    Art Direction: Borderlands 2

    Animation: SkullGirls

    Environmental Design: Assassin’s Creed 3

    Original Score: Mass Effect 3

    Original Game: Tokyo Jungle

    Game Cinematography: Halo 4

    Narrative: Walking Dead

    Downloadable Game: Journey

    Indie: Fez

    Additional Content: Mists of Pandaria, World Of Warcraft

    Character Design: Vaas Montenegro

    Trailer: Take Back Earth, Mass Effect 3

    • Are you crazy? This is more accurate:

      Game Of The Year: jessica alba
      Co-Op Multiplayer: jessica alba
      Competitive Multiplayer: Snooki
      Sound Design: jessica alba
      Art Direction: jessica alba
      Animation: jessica alba
      Environmental Design: jessica alba
      Original Score: jessica alba
      Original Game: jessica alba
      Game Cinematography: jessica alba
      Narrative: jessica alba
      Downloadable Game: jessica alba
      Indie: jessica alba
      Additional Content: jessica alba
      Character Design: jessica alba
      Trailer: jessica alba

      Please leave emotions out of these decisions and think with reason. It makes you look like a blabbering idiot. Yeesh…


  27. There is a distinct lack of handsome jack on that characters list…

  28. Despite how they botched the ending, I’d still root for ME3 as GOTY. Narrative should go to Walking Dead, methinks. Also, best character design HAS to go to Cortana. Seriously, that chick be Glados insane.

  29. Game of the Year: Halo 4

    Best Co-operative Multiplayer: Mass Effect 3

    Best Competitive Multiplayer: Halo 4

    Best Sound Design: Halo 4

    Best Art Direction: Halo 4

    Best Animation: Halo 4

    Best Environmental Design: Assassin’s Creed III

    Best Original Score: Halo 4

    Best Game Cinematography: Asura’s Wrath

    Best Narrative: Mass Effect 3

    Best Downloadable Game: The Walking Dead: Season One

    Best Indie Game: Fez

    Best Additional Content: Earth DLC – Mass Effect 3

    Best Character Design: Cortana – Halo 4

    Best Trailer: Take Back Earth – Mass Effect 3

  30. How is Katawa Shoujo not a nominee for GOTY? or at the very least best indie title?

  31. fifa 13

    tekken tag tournament 2

  32. Game Of The Year: Borderlands 2

    Best Co-operative Multiplayer: Borderlands 2

    Best Competitive Multiplayer: Halo 4

    Best Sound Design: Mass Effect 3

    Best Art Direction: Journey

    Best Animation: Resident Evil 6

    Best Environmental Design: Assassin’s Creed 3

    Best Original Score: Mass Effect 3

    Best Original Game: The Unfinished Swan

  33. goty? borderlands 2
    best co-op? borderlands 2
    best competitive multiplayer? halo 4
    art direction? journey
    best animation? max payne 3
    best enviromental design? borderlands 2
    best downloadable content? artorias of the abyss
    best indie? chivalry
    as for best character design, i find the lack of handsome jack…disturbing. but among those characters, my vote goes to vaas

  34. This list is null and void. No mention of Guild Wars 2 for any category. Lame site that doesn’t know great games.

  35. Best co-op has got to be Mass Effect 3, the mechanics of the game just keep it entertaining for such a long time, and each class adds a whole new thought process to playing the character.

    For best DLC I have got to say Artorias, which adds a whole new addition to the story of the game, new areas, enemies and even a arena mode.

    goty: Mass Effect 3 / Mass Effect 3
    coop: Borderlands 2 / Black Ops 2 (damn it)
    competitive: Halo 4 / Black Ops 2 (double damn it)
    sound design: Diablo 3 / (no idea)
    art direction: Fez / Dishonored
    animation: Halo 4 / Halo 4
    environmental design: AC 3 / AC 3
    original score: ME 3 / Halo 4 (but it better not)
    original game: Unfinished Swan / Unfinished Swan (hands down)
    cinematography: ME 3 / Max Payne 3
    narrative: Walking Dead / ME3 (better not)
    downloadable game: Walking Dead / Walking Dead
    indie game: Fez / Chivalry
    additional content: Trials / TF2
    character design: Lee (but I’ll settle for Vaas) / Cortana (BETTER NOT)
    trailer: who cares?

  37. Considering that a lot of Hotline Miami’s music is not original, does it really qualify for Best Original Score?

    • I knew someone was going to bring this up, the closing screen shows you all the artists whose music was used in the game. Was the music meant for the game?

  38. Skullgirls should take best animation, the amount of detail and quantity per frame on those 2d sprites are phenomenal although Halo 4 is impressive as well, but realistically Halo 4 will outshine the indie game

  39. I don’t know what will win, but if Mass Effect 3 wins Game of the Year, or if Cortana wins Best Character Design, I’m going to laugh my ass off.

  40. How do you vote? Or can you?

  41. Game Of The Year – 3 freaking FPS games. Are you kidding me? Many of them in multiple categories. What the hell is wrong with people today? There’s more to video games than first person shooters.

    Also all of those nominee’s for “Best Character Design” are awful.

  42. I have difficulty seeing anything but Mists of Pandaria winning best additional content… Mostly because a Warcraft expansion essentially tries to re-do the game each time more than add stuff into it these days. It’s the patches that act like normal DLC.

    • Eh, not completely doubtful, but not because it’s WOW, but because from all contenders it is the one with greater content for the cost, but no one cared for Cataclysm, and that had way more changes, so there is hope.

      • Indeed, I felt that with all the old stuff redone, Cataclysm may as well have been a sequel with some slightly updated animations and graphics and stuff. I mean Im a firm believer of gameplay > graphics, but when you looked at the new races added, they just seemed really primitive and stiff. The rest of the content in general as pretty lacking, but the story was solid at least.

        Mists of Pandaria manages to do all of that far better and do as an MMO expansion should. The scenery in this new continent is gorgeous, the Pandaren animations and whatnot a fantastic, a story more or less brought right the hell out of nowhere from WoW is doing surprisingly spectacularly… It’s got it’s obvious flaws, but there is far too much good in there to outweigh it. Pretty sure the subscription number would speak for itself, it dropped rather largely for Cata, MoP brought them, and more back.

        I love all the other games nominated, but they don’t have nearly as much… In fact, ME3: Earth nomination kinda confuses me, it was like one of its normal arse normal multiplayer updates…

  43. Tekken tag is best

  44. Game of the Year – Mass Effect 3
    Best co-op multiplayer: Mass Effect 3
    Best competitve Multiplayer: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    Best Sound: Mass Effect 3
    Art direction: Journey
    Animation: Skullgirls
    Enviornmental design: Journey
    Original score: Mass Effect 3
    Cinematography: Asuras Wrath
    Narritive: Walking Dead
    Downloadable: Walking Dead
    Indie: FTL
    Additional Content: Mann Vs Machine (Team Fortress 2)
    Best character design: Conner Kenway(Assassins Creed III)
    Best trailer: Take Earth Back (Mass Effect 3)

  45. In my opinion Halo 4 had a great narrative. Best in any FPS I’ve seen for a long time. It being not in best narrative just seem weird to me. This is just my opinion, but I wonder if anyone thinks so.

  46. Best game Black Ops 2

  47. I’m rooting for these games in Favorite to if these games aren’t GoTY its this one. Mass Effect 3, The Walking Dead, and Dishonored

  48. I have too say mass effect might get GOTY either that or halo and BO2 multiplayer might be halo or BO2. walking dead defiantly best download and maybe narrative. Animation asura wrath that was like a movie.

  49. Where do they hold these awards? Or are they virtual as well and a few people get to sit in a small room and clap for the winners?

    • I open this site on my projector, crack open a bottle of champagne, and keep tapping F5 until the results hit… Did I mention I wear only underwear during said time? :D

  50. I find the lack of Far Cry 3 disturbing. Should be nominated for GOTY and best environmental design at least. Handsome Jack should be in the character design and Borderlands 2 for best narrative.

  51. Why the hell is Far Cry 3 only nominated once!?!

  52. Virtual reality is a sad state of affairs, we are all going to be fat, losers in an arm chair with an ergonomic controller for PS3 on one side, Xbox360 on the other and a remote we can reach in the center.

    We can’t even figure out out how to have an awards show where we actually hand an award/trophy over to the winner in the middle of the city known for awards show?

    I think I am going to go outside and smell the roses…

  53. Oh wow,so many good games,yet so few great ones.By great I mean Journey,Walking Dead,Spec Ops,Hotline Miami.FTL,Chivalry,Fez deserve honorable mentions and the Dark Souls DLC too.Best character design goes to Vaas from Far Cry 3 or Lee from Walking dead,visual design goes to Vaas,while character arc I assume goes to Lee.Call me a hipster for all I care,but this was a great year for gaming,even more so than 2011.

  54. Why the fuck is black ops 2 nominated for GOTY? BO 2 fucking sucks

  55. BEST DLC – DARK SOULS. BEST GAME- Dark souls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Unfortunate that Journey didn’t get nominated fro best original score. Pretty angry about that one.

  57. best charachter is
    vaas montenegro “far cry 3″
    game of the year “walking dead”

  58. Best additional Content: Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss

  59. Best Character: Lee Everett (The Walking Dead)
    Best Game: Either Mass Effect or TWD (my personal favorite of all these games)
    Best Downloadable Game: Either Journey or TWD (again, my personal favorite)
    Best Narrative: By far The Walking Dead

    I didn’t favor TWD because of the TV series or the phenomenon it’s caused, but because it was an amazing game, and I fell in love with it instantly. It made me laugh, gave me jump scares,and made me completely weep. It may not have had a complex game play, but the choices were completely up to the player, and the story/plot line was unbelievable. I was haunted and thrilled and captivated by it. You fall in love with the characters from the very beginning, feeling like you’re there with them through everything they go through. You cry when they’re taken away from you. I’m saying that this was by far the best game of the year to me. AC3 was brilliantly done too, as was Far Cry, and as was Journey, but I’ve just got to go with The Walking Dead on this one. For Clementine, forever!

  60. Hmmm … thats crappy, I wanted to vote, but it is possible only through some sh**ty social networks like Facebook or Twitter (burn in hell all social networks :) ). So someone who doesnt want to use any of this social bulls**ts doesnt have possibility to vote for any game in any category, as usual. Thats sad, I dont know how anyone could think that all people wants to use these social stupidities, so they dont give other people possibility to vote through their own web page via email validation for example.

  61. This is clearly rigged. Reviewers have gotten flamed already for creating false reviews with high scores for bribes. Far cry 3 gets one nomination and not even for game of the year or environmental design? Did these people play this game? How is mass effect up for game of the year without a proper ending. Did everyone suddenly forget that it had one of the worst endings ever? Money put a lot of these games up there, not common sense.

  62. HALO4 BEST GAME SO FAR PERIOD but black ops 2,dishonered,assasin creed3 is really good too i think they did good in making nominee halo 4 on most of the awards it is a great game.

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  64. Mass Effect 3 for game of the year, all the nominees were good but i like the Mass Effect series the most. Best co-op multiplayer goes to Borderlands 2. best competitive is black ops 2. Sound Mass Effect 3. Animation and art design goes to Halo 4. Environmental goes to Assassin’s Creed 3. Original score, i have no idea. Most original game should be Spec Ops The Line. For cinematography i haven’t played all the games so i can’t tell. Naritive can’t decide, they’re all narrated great. Downloadable absolutely goes to The Walking Dead. Additional content and inde idk. Character design goes to Lee. The trailer, i would have to vote for Mass Effect, again. :D

  65. This game is awesome

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  68. Some great games mentioned here.Most definitely agree with the choices of nominees. Some good categories to judge them on too. Good post.

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