Molyneux Seeks Donations for Curiosity Server Fix

22cans donations

Despite their best efforts, the guys at Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans is still having a dilly of a pickle solving the server issues for Curiosity, the developer’s first game. It seems that in order to implement the fix to the game’s servers, the developer is going to need some cash. Said Molyneux on Twitter:


The company’s website has also been updated with a message regarding their new fundraising efforts, to which interested gamers can donate through Paypal:

“We are a small independent developer and due to popular demand we now offer the option for kind people to donate, so that we can make Curiosity the best possible experience it can be. However big or small the donation; it will really help us make Curiosity better.”

How much money do they need? Who knows? I think it’s cool that, apparently, people have been asking to be able to donate to the cause. Sure. But I guess it would’ve been really cool if Molyneux and crew had found a way to fund this endeavor before launching it. As interesting an idea as Curiosity is, the fact that it doesn’t work kind of breaks the illusion that it’s a magical new way to play games, doesn’t it? Imagine the Wii had launched with remotes that just didn’t work half the time. That thing probably wouldn’t have become the success it was if it didn’t function. For a first act, 22Cans doesn’t look quite so hot. Maybe they should’ve gone to Kickstarter first…?

Via Eurogamer

  1. I would have loved to see him talk about this fund raiser… Just picture the strange hand moments and how wonderfully odd expressions he would make… I’d literally pay JUST to see him do that.

  2. im tired of molyneux’s bullshit. I’m being ignorant as hell right now, and I’m just going to say the only good game he ever made was Fable 1.

    since then he’s been wack as hell

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