Staff Writer Brian Rubin Appearing on TV Tonight


And this time it’s completely unrelated to criminal proceedings. Brian “That’s Not My Weiner” Rubin will be performing with his band The Lost Wheels on Twin Cities Public Television. If you’re ┬áin an area that gets that channel, check out this fancy picture to see when you can watch Brian drum from 7:00 – 8:00 PM.


If you like their jams, check out The Lost Wheel’s first EP Chipper. I’m a fan of folksy jams, and they’ve got their game on lock.

  1. YAY Brian

  2. great stuff ! will download now :D

  3. Thanks everyone! It was supremely awesome. If anyone who didn’t catch it or just doesn’t live in the Twin Cities, you can check out the video here.

    It was a ton of fun, and I was especially glad to see that I didn’t suck. Hooray!

  4. I say, WHAAA?! That’s some freaking snazzy stuff! Have you guys recorded your music yet?

  5. This guy is your best writer, AND he can play? Renaissance man! Consistently interesting and funny writer. Can he do more long-form pieces?

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