Check Out This New Video About Building Cities From Scratch in SimCity

As part of a new series on the development strategies of city-building in the upcoming SimCity, the team at Maxis has released the first of many straight gameplay videos about the game. This introductory video showcases the process of plotting land and planting the (metaphorical) seeds from which your town will grow and increase in population.

This video specifically outlines the strategy of creating a Vegas-style city, with a focus on gambling, sin and tourism. Okay, maybe not sin exactly, but I’m running with the Vegas theme here. You’ll also learn about running water, electricity and most importantly, people into your city – but you’ll also learn how to get sewage out. It even has this nasty flushing sound as poop flows through pipes.

Classy, I know.

If you want to learn more about SimCity, check out our E3 video preview or our PAX Prime demo impressions. We’re pretty into it thus far.

  1. The indiscriminate plopping down of buildings a la Societies is still bugging me, and I’m still looking at this with bated breath.

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