Exclusive Guardians of Middle-Earth Trailer

We’ve got an exclusive trailer for Monolith Productions’ new MOBA game, Guardians of Middle Earth, and in it we’ve got a task force of the world’s most awesomest MOBA players coming into the offices of developer Monolith to show them what’s what. The trailer definitely looks to show that the developers benefited from the geeks’ expertise. What do you think?

Looks very, very MOBA-ish. If you like that, and you like Lord of the Rings, you will probably like this. Let us know how you’re feeling in the comments. I’m very curious as to your reactions, my children. With The Hobbit coming out into theaters this winter, does this get you pumped up?

  1. Hmm… It’s not quite the RTS Battle for Middle Earth 1/2, but it seems pretty interesting.

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