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Today the twitter-verse got all excited as a video started doing the rounds of a rumored “hacked” Black Ops II build. In all the hullabaloo the various outlets “reporting” on this build failed to do a little fact-checking. Like, “hey, people who actually made the game and the build, what’s the story, is this for reals?”

But we did.

So, I asked Activision about this “hack” video, and what, in fact, it was. And this is what they had to say:

“The video posted is from a development demo build, using developer tools meant for testing. The retail build was never accessed or compromised.”

So sounds like a lot of breathless posturing over a video of something that the devs used for testing, which isn’t in the final game, and isn’t representative the actual final product.

So, calm down folks, not long to wait until the actual game is revealed in its entirety.

  1. Ha…well take everything they say with a pinch of salt. Remember the infamous no last stand in MW3? Looks like they might have got caught with their trousers down! I’m pretty skeptical. But the fact such a video was leaked, makes them look silly and also questionable.

    • Well they say it is a dev build with some option. But the video in question had a few option in there that are not exactly dev style works. Like no recoil and the fact he was shooting with his fingers. Classic hacks from a console sand point. Even if this was a dev build and demo of it it still has source code and that makes for a hackers dream. From this I can say this game is fucked now with hackers.

  2. “So, calm down folks, not long to wait until the actual game is revealed in its entirety.”

    … For those who never played a CoD game in their life anyways.

  3. Don’t know what the guy above is moaning about, but I don’t remember seeing Last Stand in MW3 multiplayer?
    Final Stand was in, yes, but I don’t really remember them saying that or death streaks were out. The perk, last stand, was removed.

    Ps its a game guys, shut up and get on with it. It’s not out yet

  4. oh no… just wait till the game comes out sheesh. im currently working on bringing you footage for the next coming up call of duty game

  5. Actually, it was the fulll game I hacked

  6. So treyarch are just as scared as fuck that I can hack their game.

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