New Games Announced for PowerA MOGA, Playable for PAX Prime Attendees


The MOGA from PowerA, the Android-exclusive accessory that allows you to play mobile games with traditional yet portable controls, will be rearing its head at PAX Prime this weekend for any and all interested gamers to get their hands on. In addition to being playable for the first time to the public, PowerA has announced a vast new array of publishers that plan to support the device into its lifecycle by expanding its library of games.

With Namco Bandai, Sega and more publishers now on board in addition to the previously announced support from Atari and Gameloft, the MOGA controller for Android devices will receive a heap of new games to be played that exceed the restrictions of a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen:

  •  Galaxy NGC3 by And Creations
  • Medieval and Black Water by Brisk Mobile
  •  Trial Extreme by Deemedya
  •  Stealth Chopper 3D by Flex Friday Software
  •  Gunship 3D by Phanovatives Studio
  •  Tanked and Dink Smallwood HD by Robinson Technologies
  •  Space War by Virtual GS
  •  Return Zero by We Came from Mars

In addition to these titles, PowerA plans to expand the MOGA library with “top games from every genre” including “shooters, racing, sports, arcade and more.”

When we were first introduced to the MOGA at E3 2012, we were surprised and delighted by not only its portability, but its willingness to produce a feasible controller for mobile gamers, something that has been attempted again and again, but to little avail. Because of this, the MOGA was the recipient of our award at E3 2012 for the ‘Best of Hardware’ category – so be sure to give it a try this weekend at PAX Prime and come tell us why we’re right or wrong!

I personally stand by the fact that so long as the MOGA has an extensive library of recognizable, fun games to play, it can succeed where others have fallen.

The MOGA controller will be available this holiday, and will support all Android 2.3 and up devices.

  1. Ouya and this for android?

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