Dead Space 3 Lets You Craft Your Own Crazy Weapons

Are you bored of the plasma cutter in Dead Space games? Well, I hope not, because it’s still going to be in Dead Space 3. However, if it’s variety that you’re after (in addition to that trusty old plasma cutter), have no fear — you’ll be able to design and build your own weapons in the third iteration of Visceral Games’ sci-fi-themed horror franchise.

UI lead Dino Ignacio unveiled in the above trailer that players will have the freedom to “build guns, modify guns and share guns,” within Dead Space 3. And while generating your own weapons from found in-game materials is cool enough in our book, the user-built innovation really begins to shine in the share functionality of the game, where players can share their personal blueprints with the Dead Space 3 community. From there, other players can use your design in their own game.

I can think of no greater cause than decimating baby alien necromorphs with weapons you and your buddy from Michigan made together. That’s a special kind of friendship.

[via EA]


  1. I have no faith in ea, this will somehow come back to bite the gamers in the rear once again.

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