Grand Theft Auto III Being Remade in the GTA IV Engine

A highly-skilled team of modders from the GTA forums has been hard at work taking the highly-praised Grand Theft Auto III and porting it into the Grand Theft Auto IV engine. From the game world to the vehicles, to the weapons and even the HUD, the team hopes to drag and drop every morsel of GTA III into the high-definition realm.

Entitled Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic (Rage refers to the engine being used, GTA IV‘s “Rage” engine), this PC mod is well on its way to completion, with a number of in-action trailers and screenshots readily available for perusing.

Though it’s not an effort lead by Rockstar themselves (unfortunately), the project appears to be in more than capable hands. If you want to check out more of the mod, head over to its listing in the GTA forums. The mod team has posted screenshots, additional trailers, and details about the mod’s progress – and hopefully will continue to do so up until the project’s completion.

[via Kotaku]

  1. Looks good. It’s awesome seeing stuff like this being done by the community.

  2. Adrenaline pills and kill frenzy!

  3. Nice to see someone doing this. However I am strange as I would rather see GTA VC or GTA SA be moved over.. still, GTA 3 is a good game, so it is still cool that someone is doing that.

  4. I prefer Vice City, but 3 was deffinently badass. Wish I could do cool shit like this, but the best I can do is shitty Doom .WADs

  5. Cool, but Vice City.

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