Day Z Style MMO Announced, Called The War Z


Like many hoped and predicted, the massive popularity and following behind the ArmA 2 zombie survival mod would eventually spur the production of a similar standalone game.

The War Z is that game, and it’s coming in the near future…the very near future.

The War Z is a zombie survival MMO in development by Hammerpoint Interactive and published by Arktos Entertainment. Hammerpoint is a relatively young studio that formed last year over in Los Angeles, California.

As for the game itself, it’s an MMO that pits you against hordes of zombies and other survivors in massive open worlds. In addition, there’s an RPG-based progression system that centers on earning experience, collecting and selling supplies to other players in the world, and of course, surviving.

The War Z, interestingly enough, has been in development since before Day Z ever hit the market. Its release, however, has helped the studio craft much desired features into their game.

“While we began developing our game before DayZ, we’ve been encouraged by fact that DayZ has become so popular,” Titov explained in an interview with IGN.

 “And yes, of course some of our latest design decisions were influenced by the DayZ community forums.”

There’s even a hardcore mode where death is simply death, meaning you lose your stuff and you lose it for good, as is tradition in Day Z.

“The major difference is that DayZ is a fantastic mod for a hardcore military simulation game, so it is all set in that type of environment. We are creating a standalone game, with the entire world designed around a zombie apocalypse, so that players feel completely immersed in that environment.

We want players to see the signs of struggle and destruction from humans fighting with zombies and have that sense of fear and anxiety when they are exploring the world. Additionally, aside from having different characters to play and some other mechanics that we think will really set WarZ apart, the other key difference is that, being a standalone game, it will be much more accessible in terms of being able to buy, download, install, log into a server and play.”

Hammerpoint hopes to have the game prepped and ready to ship on PCs as early as this fall. The game will not be free-to-play, but will conversely not have any subscription fees either. In fact, once you simply pay for the game initially, you’re done.

But while Day Z is maintaining its wild popularity – hosting a player base approximately 640,000 survivors strong, it does remain an unfinished mod that’s being built by a small team. Will either Day Z or The War Z reign supreme among the gaming audience?

Until the time arrives when we know the answer to that question, be sure to check out the original IGN interview for more screenshots and details on The War Z.

[via EuroGamer and IGN]

  1. i just hope i have time to play that, and guild wars 2

  2. will there be any chance of it being released on MAC as well??

  3. I need to get a pc :(

  4. but I just bought ARMA2 from the steam sale! :(

  5. Yeah, just bought ARMA 2 as well. It is a great game but one helluva learning curve.

    As for it being on Macs, buy a PC. They are cheaper and your money won’t go to those greedy bastards at Apple.

  6. I hope WarZ plays like DayZ because the hardcore feeling of the game is what sets it apart imo

  7. This sounds like the book and future movie, “World War Z”.

  8. OMG! Ive been fiddling around with the idea of a zombie survivor MMO for a while now, seeing as there doesnt seem to be any on the market and i love zombies. Im glad somebody with the ability to make it real has come to the same conclusion and made it for me!! HAHA! Ill get it for sure ;)

  9. Looks like you guys are a day late and a dollar short

  10. I hope somebody sues them, this game is a piece of garbage. Regardless of Dayz being filled with glitches, it’s still a better game.
    Someone bring up copyright claims please and get this crap off of the market.

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