Sequel to Red Dead Redemption in the Works?


Pointed out in Rockstar Games’ usual Q&A segment with fans and community members this week, Red Dead Redemption just might have a sequel in the works.

When prompted with questions via Facebook and Twitter concerning a sequel or prequel to 2010’s multi-award winning spaghetti western, Rockstar responded accordingly:

“Awesome, we love Red Dead too – and are thrilled that so many of you loved John Marston’s tale and are excited for more epic Western action. As we mentioned in our last set of Asked & Answereds to similar questions about the future of other game franchises like Bully and L.A. Noire, we don’t always rush to make sequels but that does not mean that we won’t get to them eventually.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the future of the Red Dead series.”

In regard to a sequel, that would certainly be exciting news to a number of folks who enjoyed the game. However, a prequel sounds all the more tantalizing in my mind – and let me tell you why.

The story of John Marston is complete, it finished when Red Dead Redemption’s curtain closed– and if you’re at all familiar with the game’s ending, you know what I mean. Some will cry foul at my excitement for a prequel, seeing as how a prequel already does exist, in the form of Red Dead Revolver.

It should be noted, however, that not nearly as many people played Revolver as did Redemption, and that the two games are based on entirely different characters – though they exist in the same “universe”, as it were.

That said, a prequel that tells the events prior to John Marston’s arrival in Blackwater in Redemption could no doubt be compelling, and would help flesh out the character of Marston even more – even considering how fantastic of a job Rockstar did in Red Dead Redemption.

What do you folks think? Would you like a sequel or prequel? Neither? Both?

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  1. So, what you mean a story about how John’s time in Dutch’s gang?

    Yeah I could get behind that.

  2. I think he means a prequel set in the same locations but without mr. marston.

    anyway i would pretty much kill to see either – sequel or prequel. it’s an amazing franchise.

  3. I absolutely hate prequels. What is the point of playing a game and becoming invested in a character when you know how his story ends? They could definitely tell his son’s tale though, I would love that.

  4. You know what I would like.
    RDR on PC.

  5. I would rather Rockstar did another western that was unrelated to Marsten, much as their GTA characters occupy the same world, but in different times and places. The Dutch’s gang idea isn’t bad, but I’d rather see a new protagonist and story.

    • I 100% agree with that idea it wouldn’t make sense to make another one a Marston because we already know what happens to him

  6. A sequel would absolutly suck because, well, lets face it, John’s dead, and his son Jack is a bird. If there ever is another Red Dead, it should be with an entirely new protagonist. I loved the character of John, but his story is finished and frankly, I do not care to have Jacks story told, so please, Rockstar, new characters.

  7. My take on it is that they need to make it immersive (like RDR was), and VERY long so it lasts a few months, if that is possible. As much as people loved the Read Dead Redemption game itself, an MMORPG would excite me even more, especially if it was a cooperative ala Halo, etc.

  8. I think a prequel with John Marston’s story would be amazing. You guys are insane.

  9. Agreed! I’m actually pretty okay with any sequel/prequel/alternate characters, as long as Jack Marston’s candy a$$ isn’t a major playable character.

  10. I think a prequel is the way to go any further into the future and its no longer a western.
    I wouldn’t even mind if they went way back to black powder firearms and Indians still using tomahawks / bows along with their guns.
    But above all I want a story as good as red dead redemptions with more interesting things to do after the story.
    A better multiplayer as well, they could’ve made free roam way better by making the public free roam contain more people and… trains! As well as better leading towards the stronghold type of gaming I definitely enjoyed that the most.

  11. A prequel would be awesome. It would be brilliant to play out the things John and his gang did back before blackwater!

    Having said that it would also be awesome to see Jack avenge his father’s death. Although that would not be enough- They should also show the transition between the old west and the machine age- perhaps show the struggle between cowboys and the civilized forces. There is a mention of the invention of airplanes and how they think people will be able to fly. It would be interesting to see the ultimate demise of the old west!
    How does this angle sound?

  12. Prequel or a third installment would scratch my itch either way rdr is my FAVORITE game ever! It would be great to see the story of john and everything that led up to him leaving Dutche’s gang. And it would be OK for Jack’s story to be told he only had a small amount of revalance to the story of rdr. He could become whatever the story writers decide from him. Just make another Rockstar PLEASE!!!!!!

  13. I like your idea but I loved playing with john so just as n idea, it should be a story. You guys should know that jack reads a lot of books… so he writes one, then he adds a part where john dies. As they sit beside each other reading the book jack wrote… Now john is still alive. But I know a few people that said they would not want to do a new story. They prefer to have more add on packs for online such as trains and no transports unless you get killed three times by an online player so you don’t get fed up with the game. All buildings should be open in hence no people hiding in them. Definitely more gang hideouts I’ve done them all and I’m getting bored with it. Then have an add on pack create your own player so you don’t run in to the same character as you. Better yet take a picture of your face and put it on your character.I also hate people that come in to a game and kick me there should be seniority so if a big posse comes to your game that you have been on all day they shouldn’t be able to kick you. I know I’m a big fan of the undead overrun they should have a zombie apocalypse free roam

  14. Make something bring John back to life it’s not like something supernatural hasn’t happened already so bring him back and finish off Edgar Ross’s family and make Edgar come back too and put memory’s of Abigail’s funeral and how she died

  15. Yea that’s what I mean like turn the ending into a book that jack wrote. That way its realistic and not super natural, its logical and it. can happen

  16. Also I see arrows all through the game now were are the Indians

  17. You lot claim to love this game but clearly haven’t played it. Jack DID avenge his father and kills Ross, if you were a better gamer, you’d have taken the chance to kill his wife and brother. I did. Together and burned them.
    Red dead needs to do a vice city.. Go back in time before the start of the end of the west. When the west was starting to begin. Particularly before the US civil war, but after the colonial period.
    I’d like to see the areas being set up, in typical rockstar fashion, but this time to build your empire, what ever that is, be it; a weird form of slavery, mining, plantations, saloons, ranches, bounties… OR in definite rockstar ways, combatting against those business owners, and taking them over eradicating evil….

  18. I think they should do a prequel with the story of landon rickkets when he was younger. He says he was the best gunslinger of his time.also if they went any further in the future it would no longer be in the wild west.

  19. Come in now guys I got the game of the year edition,that undead nightmare WOW great job. Do something more with that though please.

  20. I think that the new RDR will be a place where, if you did the mini quest strange man, tue last time you see him he is at Johns grave site where he comments ;beautiful spot, isnt it? I believe in the next RDR that the strange man is an angel, and he will revive John Marston in the future.

  21. they should make it when john was in the gang

  22. The story of Landon ricketts!!!

    • Yes! That sounds like a good idea as a later thing. I think a prequel first then Landon Ricketts and you could even put the part where Landon meets Marston in there.

  23. I think that would be hella tight working with dutch and bill an havier and maybe interactive sex with abigal and others since the gang were rapeists

  24. what most of you are asking for is a prequel well red dead redemption is a sequel to the 2004 game red dead revolver so play that if you want a prequel

  25. The problem with a sequel is that when the first game ends, the first world war is starting ,and to make a game in that era would be hard to encompase everything. However I think going futher back to the civil war , genocide of indians or even independance would be great!

  26. I think both. Definitely the prequel because that would really help people to understand the story behind John, and I think a sequel would be a great idea, but instead of Jack, John’s son, you could fast forward in time to Jack’s son, because as you can see, people aren’t too interested in Jack’s story. I absolutely loved Red Dead though, John’s story was great!

  27. Guys, in my opinion prequel will be way better..think about this..we dont want a sequel since we all lobed john marston (and also the wild west is ending)..of course we dont want a red dead game with no relation with redemption necause we all fuckin love that game and john marston as well..but a PREQUEL would tell the whole story of the character we loved even more..his parents, the orphanage, his childhood, being raised by dutch, robbing, the story of abigail, his unnamed daughter and more!! But there is one big problem..lets call the game rdr 2..when the story of rdr 2 finishes, begins the story of rdr!! And what’s gonna happen then?? Im pretty afraid that R* will make the story of rdr 2 completly with no relationship with rdr :/

  28. And i also wanna maje a question..what you guys believe..will the new rdr be publiahed for xbox 360 and ps3 or only for the new consoles?

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