Machinima Announces Best of E3 2012 Winners

Best of E3 2012

The editorial gurus at Inside Gaming are no slackers. In addition to checking out just about everything on the show floor during our E3 coverage, we also sat down, discussed, and debated the overall winners for E3 2012. So without further ado…here are our award winners for the Best of E3 2012.

[Editor’s Note: To address a few questions/queries: Why no Watch Dogs? Because it wasn’t playable at the show, and our criteria for eligibility is that the game must be playable at E3 or the pre-E3 event for Game Critics Awards judges earlier in the month. Why no Call of Duty: Black Ops II? Mainly because it was only playable for judges in a situation where we were not allowed to share any details of the game. So if it was nominated, you wouldn’t be able to see why, and “just trust us” wasn’t going to cut it.]

Game of Show


Best Original Game


Best PC Game


Best Hardware


Best Shooter


Best Action/Adventure Game


Best Role Playing Game


Best Racing Game


Best Fighting Game


Best Sports Game


Best Strategy Game


Best Handheld Game


Best Downloadable Game


Best Online Multiplayer Game


Best Trailer


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  1. Wow! Am I imagining or there isn’t a Call of Duty on that list?! Pardon my french, but fucking about time.

  2. what happen to watch dog?

  3. I agree with most of the winners, especially Game of Show and Best Shooter. I’m a bit iffy about Dishonored not getting Best Role Playing, though. Good game. Good game, indeed.

  4. No sight of COD and Halo is best shooter on the list……….. about time!!!!!!

  5. Muy conforme con los resultados :D

  6. Oh no, I’m hearing dubstep in the Dishonored trailer! ;p

  7. Halo 4 is gonna be sick

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