StarForge Announced, Includes Fortress Building, World Exploring, And Sky Diving Fun Times


Click the video, click it now.

Do you like the idea of crafting your own fortresses from the ground up? How about mining for minerals and resources to craft bigger and more useful items for your character and friends? Does an expansive open-world that extends to the far reaches of space sound engaging to you?

How about shooting things, do you like that?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should shift your focus to StarForge, a technically impressive, unexpected game from a couple of independent game makers named Steve and Will and their company CodeHatch. StarForge, announced just today, is so remarkably ambitious that I can’t begin to describe what I (and so far many others) like about its concepts.

Let’s talk base-level here: the game is about gathering resources, building fortresses, and crafting items (alone or with friends) – all in an effort to survive and thrive on an alien planet. As shown in the above video, you’ll focus on crafting your own home with a variety of resources, making use of voxels (similar to systems explored in Minecraft) to craft it section by section.

You’ll be able to build indefinitely, as the planet you inhabit expands procedurally as you explore it (also similar to Minecraft). But the biggest catch…you can go into space. They claim it can be done without a single loading screen, which becomes incredibly apparent later on in the presentation.

Also, this game looks great doing it all. Not just great, I mean really, really, really great.

The team outwardly claims inspiration from Halo, Warcraft 3, Borderlands, Terraria, and, of course, Minecraft.

Finally, the game is 100% free-to-play and it’s available today. It’s not complete mind you, as it’s still in alpha — but you could be playing it within minutes, crazy!

If you’re interested, give StarForge a download. Like I said, it won’t cost you a penny.

  1. To bad their websites down.

  2. I wana get this game. :(
    There site is not up…

  3. blah i can fix this. COME UP I COMMAND THEE!!! RISE! RISE!

  4. Soooo fucking AWESOME!

  5. Monte WankyDangler

    Inside gaming, are you trolling us?

  6. Monte WankyDangler

    Just because I can’t get to the main star forge website
    (I forgot to include this part in the other comment)

  7. I thought the star forge was the big sith space station in KotOR 1.

  8. i kant wait for the real game! :)

  9. can anyone find a non-zip version, my computer doesnt like zip files for some reason

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