Aliens: Colonial Marines Will Look Best on Wii U, Says Gearbox


Gearbox, developer of upcoming titles like Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, has come out saying that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the most graphically impressive one of them all.

Senior Producer at Gearbox Brian Burleson described the Wii U as a “powerful, powerful machine.” This is about all Burleson could let loose, as publishers and developers are under pretty tight orders from Nintendo to keep the tech specs of the console close to the chest.

“[Creating the Wii U version] has been pretty easy,” Burleson mentioned to Eurogamer.

“The Wii U is a powerful, powerful machine and it can do a lot of cool new things. And so the game itself, moving it over to work on the Wii U was not much of a chore.

Now the interesting thing is finding out all the cool ways you can use the controller to do new stuff with it. You can imagine all the cool things we can do, with this franchise and having a thing with you, right?”

He did confirm that, in terms of visuals, the Wii U version will simply “be better” than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, all thanks to “more modern tech.”

Nintendo’s press conference is in just over a week, so keep your eyes and ears locked on Inside Gaming for more on the Wii U and Aliens: Colonial Marines. If you have any news tips you’d like to share in the coming weeks, do share them with

[via EuroGamer]

  1. So they dimmed down the pc version graphics so that the less powerefull console would have better visuals.

  2. this is tho oppisite of what ubisoft has said, aparently its not strong enough to run batman eighter

  3. Gearbox is not a company that can be trusted to be accurate any longer, I fear what they have done with ACM, after playing duke nukem forever and borderlands.

    • for those who forget, the PC version of Duke nukem forever was three times better than the console ports that looked like PC graphics, not to mention the horrible motion blur and the awkward controls……I reiterate, I fear what they are going to do with ACM

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