Bungie Not Showing Off Anything At E3


If you were excited to hear any Bungie-related announcements in the coming weeks at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, feel free to join the rest of us in a collective, melancholy-filled sigh as you read this. As mentioned in a community blog post on their website, developer Bungie has opted out of this year’s E3.

When asked if the team at Bungie had finished up their new game presentation for E3 this year (during a fan mailbag read-through) , Bungie responded, and most certainly didn’t beat around the bush:

“Nope. We never started one, and we’re not going to be at E3 in any official capacity this year. Some of us will be there, lurking from booth to booth, but don’t expect any announcements.

So, yeah. While we’re not ready to show you what we’ve been working on, we can reconfirm that we are hard at work on our new universe. We can’t wait for you to see it.

See you starside in 2013.”

While it’s now clear that Bungie isn’t in the position to announce anything at the show, we at least have some small details, thanks to a handful of project-related documents that leaked out of the court battle between game publisher Activision and previous Infinity Ward executives Jason West and Vince Zampella.

It may be 2013 before we’re formally introduced to Project “Destiny”, but if anyone has a history of making us wait…and wait…and wait some more, but then knocking our socks off, it’s definitely Bungie.

[via Bungie]

  1. I’m expecting epic sh*T from bungie, I’ll forgive them this once. At least 343 will be showing off.

  2. Good to see there not in a hurry. Can’t wait to actually find out more about what they are working on.

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