Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Update Details Revealed

Following through on their promise of streamlined, consistent updates for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, the team at 4J Studios recently shed some light on the first update coming to the Xbox iteration of the popular, blocky sensation that is Markus “Notch” Persson’s brain-child.

Speaking with OXM, 4J Studios’ Paddy Burns shared that the next update for Minecraft will be the equivalent of the Beta 1.7.3 PC version, which includes piston functionality – which was a significant addition if you played on PC, and even more so if you were into the technical system aspects of Redstone.

“We’re implementing the features from the Beta 1.7.3 version at the moment, and it’s nowhere near as tricky as the 1.8.2 changes will be,” said Burns.

“There are no big architecture changes with the move to 1.7.3, so it’s been quite straightforward. The move to 1.8.2 is much more challenging.”

For those unfamiliar with update-speak, the 1.8 version of Minecraft on PC was originally titled the “Adventure Update”, featuring additions like NPCs, pre-built villages to explore, and more environmental biomes to roam around in.

Another significant addition was Creative Mode, which made the player invincible, as well as offer them infinite blocks of their choosing and the ability to fly (to make mega-builds all the simpler). It was designed to draw a line in the sand (or sand blocks, if you will) between creating in Creative Mode, and surviving in Survival mode.

All of this 4J Studios plans to bring to the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft.

“This is going to be the most difficult update due to the sheer amount of changes, and also the underlying architecture changes that come with it. We’re looking forward to the challenge!”

While the Xbox port won’t house all the features of the PC version, it will house many of them. Or as Burns better puts it: “The game isn’t Minecraft on the Xbox, it is Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, so it isn’t really a direct port of the PC game.”

Well, good luck and good crafting everyone, I’ll inform you the moment we receive word of this update’s arrival. Excelsior!

[via OXM]


  1. It was supposed to come out today but is still not up… I wan’t the update

  2. So when well it be out it’s the third and it’s still not the next update

  3. what will be in the updat because i want to find more wolf’s but i carn’t and i played the pc vertion of minecraft and wolves can have pup’s(there so cute) so i want to now will 4j be putting that in the next updat for minecraft xbox 360 edition plz let me now it’s hell finding wolves. :D

  4. I bought the 360 Edition yesterday hoping to be able to utilize the 2-player split screen to play with my girlfriend. I was very dissatisfied, come to find, that the catch to playing 2-player splitscreen would be that it’s only available on an HD TV.

    The sprint feature from the pc wasn’t there so it got annoying walking everywhere. The hunger system needs implemented, and my biggest bone to pick yet has to be the lack of being able to customize your controls. I keep pressing my d-pad to cycle items but to do so requires layout 2 which swaps the jump button from A-button to the right bumper. This needs to be fixed in the next update ASAP.

  5. josh, some horrible person

    Why are you all moaning? So “the xbox version isn’t comlpete” who cares, they did say that it would be version 1.6. And for all you 4 year olds who don’t know how to research, 4J have said that the 1.7.3 update will be out sometime this summer, duh!

  6. Ok so I don’t know if this is real but when I started up minecraft and was put on the home screen I sorta glanced at the yellow sentence that’s always by the title and I’m pretty sure it said “secret Friday update” so maybe there’ll be an update on Friday June 8th. I hope so. Let me know what u guys think. Thanx.

  7. i saw that secret friday update 1 week after the release .but it’s just fake.

  8. Well it could be fake but remember a couple weeks ago they released iron doors and some other things so maybe that was just a small update and maybe the yellow sentence was right when fumadorloco saw it and this update could be on Friday again. IDK I guess we’ll just have to wait.

  9. Cant wait for the update! I think after playing again without pistons you dont realise how much you acctually miss them :D want them so badly :p

  10. i just had an update for the game, but i seen no changes…

  11. im just gonna stick to minecraft on computer i ot both but computer is much more real then that crap the crarting is better famring better getting food is easier skins texture packs creative mode for computer more ways to meet peole severs etc so go pc not xbox thank you very much

  12. im just gonna stick to minecraft on computer i like both but computer is much more real then that crap the crafing is better farming better getting food is easier skins texture packs creative mode for computer more ways to meet people severs etc so go pc not xbox thank you very much

  13. So happy for this update my teacher just gave us water systems projects and this will let me build and easy project for him :) :) :) :) :)

  14. Well….I love playing minecraft on the xbox it is so simple and has so much to do never ending fun. I am looking foward to the update for creative mode on the mode now i have built a large castle but find it rather hard to get supplys to build it. Please can you update me on this update ASAP thanks for going through that brief discussion i helped me alot on this update and i now know that its a hard challange for notch and his team so good luck guys on the update hope it all goes well. i am now going to get back to building my castle talk to you guys later KEEP ME UPDATED thanks :) :D

  15. What updates I’d like too see and my freinds are animal breeding, skins, and seeds for pumpkins-melons-ect. At least for bare minimum! For bigger updates would be Golems, adventure mode, more biomes, and make sure animals don’t poof away when blocked in a house or holding cell. Also needs better gates, also gate doors

  16. I want MORE!!!

  17. we already have pumpkins in xbox i have 20 of them in a chest but you cant farm them yet so the only use is currently jack-o-lanterns

  18. We need the xp system updated!!! I can’t stand not being able to level up and enchant. Also animal breading would be nice…but over all great job moving it to xbox I’ve been waiting for that for a long time!

  19. Mojang fucking sucks for the xbox we haven’t gotten our update forever hurry the fuck up notch you pussy you already lied to us for one and a half month and give us our fucking update

  20. I want the update where animals are attracted to wheat so you can farm animals…..

  21. I have done every thing possible in the xbox 360 edition and its kinda depressing I need an update because I have hurd about all the cool stuff you can do on the pc but xbox is just so limited..

  22. I agree with all of the comments here and the game really needs to be updated I have the pc version and I really wish that the xbox version would get some major content update such as breeding animals, xp system and sprinting. Thanks so much!

  23. Fuck me hard update the fucking 360 version 4j studios fuck you all in that place update

  24. It hasn’t came out yet…….I hope the updat brings pistons

  25. Its July 1st and no update yet… I’m not complaining: when pistons arrive I will never leave my TV.

  26. July second and still no update seriously I wn ant pistons

  27. cut them som slack you fucking cry babies

  28. Dude they said they,would update it late JUNE it fuckimg july now WTF
    So dont call us cry babies bitch

  29. hey um my friends are looking forword to the update and hope it is today so can you please send me a measage on facebook my name is mark nexus govereau thanks for your time and please send me a measage

  30. you know what you uy are just a bunch of mommas boys you expect evrey thing to come fast and it doesent work the way eh so stfu and stop ur fuckin cryin. and mark im a canadian 2

  31. you know what you all are just a bunch of mommas boys you expect evrey thing to come fast and it doesent work the way eh so stfu and stop ur fuckin cryin. and mark im a canadian 2

  32. Cant wait for pistons already saved up a bunch of slime :D

  33. What would you guys put on a boardwalk project. I’ve already made a boardwalk but am having some trouble deciding what to put on it like a roller coaster, concession stands, hookers, etc…..

  34. Dude leave them alone if you dont like what theyre saying dont read to you are just trying to start shit and it isnt cool if you want attention start a nice friendly conversation thats all seriously

  35. I know how to stop all this complaining they should completely finish an update then say when its gonna out not set a date and work on it cuz there’s always gonna be a problem they find and it’s not like we’re gonna die without an update

  36. I cant wait for the update im very patient think of all their hardwork i also really want creative mode

  37. You guys there was an update but it was very small the big one will come in about a week or two t(-_-t)

  38. Yes we know about that update they put X Y Z Thry stopped water snd lava lag u can walk through sugar cane now but nobody considers that an update so -_-

  39. And don’t talk about my spelling I know I fked up trying to type fast here on a 3 inch screen

  40. The update was supposed to come out over a month ago

  41. iMA KILL Myself if theres no update

    Minecraft should release the update.Then If theres any bugs just Fix it over time..


    July 8. Nothing. :( I don’t give a flying fuck about pistons, I want fucking NPC’s and motherfucking Villages!!!

  43. Guys. I know it’s irritating waiting for this update to come. I’m pretty pissed that its not out yet either. But for all the stuff i read it was suppose to come out early July but from what i’m seeing is that they should have just made a specific date and released it even if there are a lot of bugs. But when they say early july they are probably gonna finish the update in about 2 weeks. So that’s not early july. Stupid people working on the game need to set a certain date like every update on the computer had.

  44. when will they get the next update for mine craft for the xbox i already have my own village built i want new mobs and gadgets to play with they really need to hurry

  45. So… Many… Grammatical and… Spelling errors… I think… I’m going to die…

  46. It comes out this weekend whooooo after they should add mods!!!!

  47. All of you need to calm down if its takeing over a month then the update must be a good one so calm down and wait

  48. Okay, July 10 and they still haven’t released a good update. I think they should input a survival and creative mode, personally.

  49. yall are sooooooo slow at letting out updates what was the point of buying the game

  50. the last update sucked will this one be good and when is it comeing out????????? i am tired of waiting i should be on creative mode making awsome maps thats the whole reasone i bought minecraft for xbox CREATIVE MODE!!!!!!!

  51. whate isnt it supose to com out on ether the 14 or the 15?

  52. Wtf I got minecraft 4 Xbox customer I thought. It was going to be like PC but now I got ripped.off I bet there gonna add the updates to the mobile. Version. But really updating. The Xbox is that hard here’s a tip stop working on the mobile version. N work on Xbox enough. Said

  53. A lot of the people commenting want everything in the next update. If you would have read the entire article you would know pistons and some other things are in the next update. And then in the update after that is npc villages and sprinting hunger, etc. well there you go that’s what you get. It’s updating you can’t get everything you want right away. Most of you are like ” I want animal breeding and hunger and changeable controls and npc and enchanting and xp. But did they have fucking enchanting or npc villages or animal breeding or xp in version 1.7 no they didnt so shut the hell up

  54. Minecraft, xbox version used to really suck, now the update came out and it sucks a little less. That’s all I have to say.

  55. This game is fun but it needs a crafting table I’m sorry but it does my friends r starting to leave the game because of it it really needs an enchanting table for realz k bye.


  57. I like……….. Cookies

  58. Ok first get rid of herobrine for good i dont wanna play the game cause of him he just sucks ass and add enchanting taples then put n mods oh

  59. just add breeding thats all i ask

  60. You’re all very very annoying, except for the people that are mature enough to know that they can wait, the next update will give you some of the stuff that you guys have been waiting for, then update after that will take a little while but it’s a big update.

  61. I really enjoy minecraft and I have been playing it for at least 2 years now on pc. Through the awesome hours of gametime… I guess I can wait for the next update on xbox. I’m excited, but not to the point where I’m cussing at ‘notch’ and ‘Mojang’ to hurry up! They must be working very hard to make this Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition the best it can be!

  62. When will the next update be for minecraft xbox 360 version going to be

  63. Herobrine is amazing he gives me more stuff to do he destroys my house Awsome get to build anouther one and notch dose need to hurry up with new update

  64. I heard a rumor that it was to be out July 30th but I doubt it. It’ll probably be in mid August or September. Be patient with it, they are adding poop tons of cool new stuff

  65. I haven’t checked yet, but I heard the update came out today (Jul. 30). Is this true? Because I have reasons to dought that it is not true.

  66. by by by by by Blake

    Shitoci Mushrooms…

  67. seriously?! yall need to calm yourselves the heck down! its a pretty big swith from having started out and STILL programming a game (minecraft) on the computer as advanced as it is and then switching to a home console (xbox) which is a WHOLE different thing its pretty rough. id like to you guys try programming tons of stuff from the computer ideas when you are used to computer but then trying to work the same thing on a whole different thing is confusing, hard, and exhausting. i mean sitting in front of a computer and or gsming console may seem all fun and games, but when it comes to engineering and making it fit.. its work. so basically what im trying to say here is think back to when u played minecraft on the computer like around when it first came out, you had no idea what the potential was gonna be. you didnt know that later updates would bring ways to make electricity or ways to breed animals… you just played it and was assured that in time it would get even better and it did! so now here we are, we know alot about wat the computer has to offer and since u are so in love with those certain things that you have on the computer that u used to NOT have for minecraft you look at the xbox version and think.. piece of shit where is all the npcs and why cant i breed or how come i cant make an enchantment table! or even where the hell is creative mode man this SUCKS! but if u think about it like when they were begining on the pc they had to work their way up and make more updates and they have to do they same on an xbox, especially since its like almost completely different to work with… so just calm done, be patient, and think about what you’ve just read with lots of consideration please, thank you…


  69. It’s supposed to come out in august

  70. ok u guys should really go read the forum it will tell you alot more than this i found out they are adding hunger xp enchanting animal breeding and ability to feed animals rotation of wood blocks and more u guys should really cut em a break there doin there best…ill come back with more details if asked…

  71. and sprinting sorry i forgot to mention that bit

  72. What is with this they are allways slow on the updates I’m waiting for the August update

  73. I hope there is an update soon. I’d love to be. able to farm animals. Overall, Im happy with minecraft on xbox 360. It’s better than nothing! :P

  74. when is the update to let animals breed coming out?

    • IT will come sometime this month there just finalizing it now u know in case they want to add more it will be sometime this month 4sure thou

  75. somtime this month 4sure now there considering on adding more and patching a few things theyll be updating soon they just wont tell exactly when “sigh” i so wish i knew though

  76. im excited for the enchanting and colored torches the most though… its gunna be AWESOME!!!

  77. I kinda liked the piston and clay updte, but what i really want is SPRINTING, i have so many parkour challenges for my freinds but it wont work without sprinting, i just kinda wanna know an EXACT date so i can stop anticipating a new update everyday, thanks

  78. FIRE!!!!!! O YA lol XD

    when it come out i need creative i suck at survival ….DX

  79. I have the Xbox version and I heard that in the next two updates there bringing in people that are just roaming the world. I would like to know if this is true or if it’s not.

  80. Wtf this is gay af I heard that an update was coming out today with running and all of that this Xbox update situation is getting gay af

  81. Yu all gay if yu don’t like it don’t play it, it is verry easy fuckers

  82. ok so they have added pistens but where the fuck is npcs

  83. Does anyone know even an estimated date of release for adventure update, I don’t mind how long it is, I realise its hard, but I can’t wait, it’ll be awesome

  84. So wait does anyone know when creative mode is coming out?

  85. i think the knew updates are going to be pretty good for xbox but it takes time guys… the xbox 60 verison is still good as the one on pc just not all the way downloaded

  86. Ok now listen…all of these people r trying to be cool and “mature” saying to be patient and that everybody needs to just calm down and wait and so on and so on obviously if a game company gives u a date they r going to come put with an update or they say it is going to come out some time in june it should come out at that time they shouldn’t just not do itand I don’t know about u but I am 13 and still go to school summer is almost over and I was looking forward to creative mode. If we have to wait until september so on to get this stupid update I can’t even play it caus I will be in school.and maby they should stop and take a breather with the pc version and update the x box version I mean they should have already thought this through and the least they can do is give us a stupid date it will accually come out and if they had maby all this controversary would not be happining.
    Ps whoever is the dumbwad that keeps going on about all the grammatical errors if u r going to go on a chat about a certain subject and just rant on about something totally irrelivent to the matter at hand just shut up and go back to your english room idiot

  87. Pps to that guy who posted the novel about how hard and exhausting it is to work both the pc and xbox version and how hard it is. the guys get paid to to that its their job that is like saing a lawer can’t. Do a mediation because he also is working on another one and it is ” hard and exhausting. If they thought it would be to much work they should not have even made the xbox version now they r commited,told everybody an update was coming out soon, and left thousands of people waiting months later than when they commited to/coming out with it

  88. Dude, just chill. They’ve already released the piston update since July 13. And this article already stated that the other update with npc’s might take a bit longer due to it being alot bigger. And YOU go back to your english room. Your spelling is poor as shit.

  89. Ok “dude” u try to write that at like 1:00am without your vision on your little tiny phone screen. To let u know I ended with a 108 in english top of my class.hate to burst your bubble professor but u ned to just give up. Most of the people u were correcting were probably in the same situation also. Wow they got pistons big deal. They said it should come out so it should have. There is no argument. So it is a hard update atleast don’t tell us it is comming out months before it does leaving all of us hanging. Sorry if there r spelling errors moron but once again I am on my little phone without my glasses so guess what u can just go back grading everyones comments like they r essays and fulfill your lifes destiny of being the stupid idiotic moron u r.

  90. Sorry but no enchanting table, but creative , npc, and breeding will be in the late August early September update, I got my info from 4j. Also there will be sprinting

  91. Hay I’m not on eather side but I do have a fue things to say now allot of you are getting pissed-off about everthing but just listen Anonymous Bastard you need to stop spellchecking and Nobody you need yo stop complayning now Sam told yall what would be in the next update I have both pc & xbox-360 version and I have to say be glad the damn game agzists in the first-aid place cause without it you couldnt bitch or correct someone about the way thay bitch in the first place now both sides stop crying and play the game by the way if you know who I am you should know I didn’t have the money to keep my Minecraft website Shadow-Tube up but I will try to get it back up till thin I geas I’ll make You-Tube videos thanks by and I love you Lords-of-the-Shadows

  92. Note: All rites to (Shadow Step, Shadow-Tube, Lords-of-the-Shadows, and anything fallowing is trademarked permision is requiered if being yused without sade permision will cause a payment of a $150 fine to sade user) thank-you and have a nice day/nite.

  93. So they say it comes out in June but it didnt….it didn’t come out in July either…and now it’s almost mid-August and there is nothing..they don’t even give us a date. For all you ninnies telling people to calm down or shut up…they have a fking reason to complain because this company can’t fking get a date right and leave thousands…millions..of people hanging to wait every day since June to check their Xbox for this adventure update..

  94. So go be a goody two shoes somewhere else (no idea how to spell goody two shoes)

  95. 4j said new skin pack in a few days and they moved the update a few weeks back because they want to add 1.9 items

  96. You got to be joking? They are delaying it longer..we have waited all summer, just give us the fucking update already and stop with the little items

  97. I heard rumors it comes out August 14 or 15, true r false?

  98. What was the update like the 6th


  100. At least they gave us some pistons…even though I can’t figure out redefine wiring for the fking life of me..

  101. Yea I have gotten good at it though.my friend taught me.


  103. Id like to see them come out with a mod for the xbox 360 addition to were u can use the skins u make on ur iphone or android and use them on ur xbox 360 addition and not just the computer

  104. I would say the update comes out the end of this month

  105. Add me on Xbox I need minecraft buddies and I’m great with redstone and would love to teach, my gamer tag is Unsocialtowel

  106. EzioAuditoreDF9 is my xbox live username.

  107. add me xTLMx JeW Ki11A

  108. Ok this iss annoing i whant creative but i want i whant it to be where it can be changed back and forth from creative to servival or ellse its going to kind of suck so you might whant to do that cus alot of poeple told me that theyd hate it like that so you might whant to do that 4j studios k also guys stop wining i whant it just as bad but be patint it all worth it k bye

  109. They said they might make creative and survival switchable and the skin pack 2 will be released Friday

  110. Does anyone know if the update that has creative mode on it Is the next update? Or are we still waiting for the 1.7 update?

  111. Hay guy’s I’m back after the update on Friday I’m going to make an RPG server but listen I only have room for 12 more people so if you wan’t to help make it and be my friend sind me a friendreqwest my gamertag is ( Shadow 5tep 73 ) Brakets-( ) not included

  112. The next update will have creative mode but there’s no release date for the update

  113. The next update will have vines too

  114. They need to hurry up but still i dont want all the fucking glitches and shit

  115. i cant wait for the 1.8.3 update to come because it has xp endermen and new skins. :)

  116. Hey guys i just found out that minecraft 1.8 update is going to come out september 8th if nothing else goes wrong or if they dont have to change anything else

  117. September 8? Wholly shatt! Two more damn weeks. Smh……..

  118. Could they hurry me and a whole ton of people have been waiting forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Nooooooo!!!! My Xbox live expires September 6th

  120. I cant see why xbox edition players need to pay for skins when the word is that you get them for free on the PC…I hope we get free skins and not just these crappy SoA skins. $20 is a half decent price for the game but hardly worth the time to go get MS points to buy a skin pack. Hok us up guys

  121. ok!!!!i am soooooo done with this we have waited months after they said it was supposed to cone out! Honestly at first I was pissed because no creative mode like a month after they said, now… Months later there better be a sh!t load more that comes with it. The only improvement that has been made in the last few months is some stupid pistons and you can hardly even make sticky pistons because those slimes are so damn hard to find and some stupid skin packs that are pretty much useless.well I hope they r happy I get to start school 2morrow so even if they come out with it this week or weekend I will only be able to play it every once and a while because of tests and homework. And honestly I dont need some a$$ telling me any other. I dont need any ” dude calm down” or “just chill” or ” your spelling is sh!t.” I don’t care I can hardly see my screen so there are probably a lot of spelling errors.All I am saying is this better be an amazing update.

  122. Balls deep in balls

    i am good at every thing in mine craft if u want help with everything or u want to join my mutliplayer sever then here is me gamer tag Gftd balls deep in balls message me if u want me

  123. I can`t wait for the next update.. I been building this huge castle 100 by 200 blocks large and im pretty sure moving it onto Cloud memory just corrupted my world :/ so im depending on Creative Mode so I can build a new Castle and world… And advice on how to save my current world?

  124. Balls deep in balls

    This is sh!t can’t it be early

  125. Hi its notch sorry about the hold up

  126. Hi it’s notch I’m here to tell you guys the next update Is in 8 days from now

  127. So not this saturday but, next saturday after is the next update… Thats hellaz tight. Any info of what :) , like spriiiiiintinggg

  128. I heard from a little birdie it is going to be out this Friday… The 30 of august

  129. Will mincraft be made for ps3

  130. Balls deep in balls

    It won’t ok only xbox so sorry to all u gay ps3 fans but it won’t ps3 sucks sh!t

  131. When is the Xbox updating to the npc villigers

  132. Balls deep in balls

    On the 8 of sep like every thing else


  134. Notch said the next update is 8 days from August 28 so it’s Sep 5 not the 8th dumbass

  135. Look u sh!thole every one says sep8 it was 8 day from aug 31

  136. Balls deep in balls

    Eo u really think thats ture after they said it wold be out in june

  137. Why does it have to be so long I want it now

  138. I”m happy that the update is coming soon I’m no big pc player either. But i know the team is working hard to get the big update out. Yes i’ll agree it is hard waiting for this stuff but it’s all worth it. I hope this update has breeding,villages,sprinting,trading, and at least Jungle with cats needs real jungle biomes. My fav of all biomes!

  139. Wait forgotten to say needs to fix animals going poof. Hopefully it gets fixed before breeding. And needs farming like melons,ect. I also hope mods are use able in later on updates. But thanks for hopefully putting time and effort into the updates. And like I said it is hard to wait but their are HUGE rewards. O and ya needs HUNGER AND XP WANT TO ENCHANT.

  140. stfu you pussys they’re gonna udpate it in a couple of days t(-_-)t

  141. There adding hunger bar and sprint finaly hunger games will make sence lol

  142. Balls deep in balls

    Fu(k u manuel the only pussy here is u great big sh!thhole

  143. Can’t wait for the new update i hope they add the end and add me on xbox live psphacker49

  144. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the update is moved back until september 30th

  145. Hi everybody the update will be on the 5th

  146. great game add me on xbox (GoMD Mr Cloud) update soon

  147. why do you know how many people play xbox 2,000,000,000 so why wont it be upgraded

  148. Gotten all the skins today its awsome!

  149. This notch guy in the forums how do we know it’s even the real notch lol..you people are to gullible

  150. Its on the 5th the first day of school :( seriously by the way I’m not the real notch

  151. Is it realy coming out tommarrow? Bc if not ima be pissed at u notch not the real one, and how do u know its coming out tommarow????

  152. R u sure? If ur right I would gladly congratulate u:)

  153. 4J Studios said this on twitter today: “We are still working on 1.8.2, adding stuff blah blah blah blah blah….workin on creative mode interface, lots of tests to do..some weeks of work yet

  154. Bassically we are working on more stuff were putting believe it or not were in a big discussion because 1.8.2 is gonna be the biggest mincraft update in history also we covered all the brewing and enchating and creative mode bassically we covered everything we just having more discussions on what to bring down like if there’s no despawning on animal mobs then we should put breeding in the update plus we bought down enchanting cause the adventure update has experience.

    • Us xbox360 edition mine craft players are upset because u guys (4j studios have been lying to us you Said that the update came out Tuesday but we never got it my friend said that it was an unconfirmed date but you’d better confirm it soon because I’m upset and I’ve paid good Microsoft points o. This game so confirm it now ok we are ready for the update thanks

  155. We need it out and everyone wants enchanting and no despawning

  156. Dont believe these phonys Notch and 4j studios because the real notch tweeted there is a few more little things to be added and it will be done in a few weeks and there will not be enchanting in this update and there will be breeding

  157. when is the creative mode coming out

  158. That’s lame man You Guys Suck Notch Said today Yeah Ok I’m Done Playing MineCraft

  159. This is rediculous we all buin waiting so long for this they lied to us alot they nerd to b exact when its coming and and better come out soon

  160. Notch and 4j suck balls

    U guys suck minecraft is awesome game but u guys are so lazy slow and suck
    Even if the full update is not ready then u could at least give us something till it is done.Work harder lazy people

  161. I blew up all of my worlds just for the update and then they say its not out for a couple of weekd we all have buin waiting hurry the hell up btw love minecraft

  162. Yo Really Hurry The Heck Up I Been Waiting A Long Time Already I Know You Guys Are Adding Everything But I Really Cant Wait

  163. Everyone has its pissing me off hury up

  164. guys give 4j studios a break there trying really hard to get the 1.8.2 update out as fast as they can

  165. True But I been Waiting For This Day Since May Bro They Had All That Time To Go Over That Thoe So They Need to hurry The F up Cause I Didn’t Pay 20 Bucks For nothing

  166. Marcelo u r very very true on tgis they need to hurry

  167. They just tweeted they are considering (CONSIDERING) releasing an update between 1.3 and 1.8 to make it so the wait time is less. But guys, they never said it was being released May, June, Sept, they never ever ever released a date. You people need to stop listening to random people and just listen to what 4J says about it. Many weeks until its out bitches

  168. Its taking so long because they are pretty much remaking the game, it takes a lot of time to make a game even if it’s as “simple” as minecraft..

  169. Come on update stop messing with my mind

  170. ture that the bug is right u must be patient my young friends but u still have lots to learn about minecraft befor u can become a minecraft masters hope your minecraft journey gos well and is fun remember no try only do

  171. It was said in augaust and september

  172. Yeah What Tyler the Grate Said or Typed They Did Announce That In August Bro And Yoda we’re All MineCraft Masters So Calm Your A** Man

  173. Marcelo im with u all the way man

  174. Will there be despawning and can u put spears in it

  175. 4j doesn’t even have to update minecraft at all everyone should be glad they are being generouse enuf to make minecraft better for FREE

  176. not everyone people are still learning

  177. Yeh seriously hurry

  178. Now theyre doing small updates i want it all together not in parts

  179. What the problem is is that since we already baught the game to them theres no rush and the delays r one thing but when u have an elite team of programers and u can’t even figure out a date you’ll be done around U HAVE PROBLEMS!

  180. When is1.8 coming 9/12/12

  181. Lol Tyler and Marcelo….they never said it was coming in September…link me to twitter when they said that….oh wait…that’s just shit people make up lol…grow some balls and stop complaining like a bunch of 2 year olds

  182. Ok all of you need to stop whinning ok i heard that i is coming out somewhere around now september 12-13

  183. Bug y dont u go suck ur moms dick

  184. Bug its a free country freedom of speach

  185. Its supposed to be out by the end of this month or the next we are having a few issues n its proveing quite challenging but we are just as anxious as you for its release

  186. Master 274 how would uk tht

  187. Ok don’t listen to anyone because I follow 4j on twitter and they said still weeks then the Microsoft test.

  188. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!!! 4J Studios have confirmed that the update WILL come out in late september so everybody hold your horses.

  189. They said it was going to be on September 16 th or around there and I was really anxious because it would have come out on my birthday and now I can’t even stand to look at my xbox

  190. Btw that was not at 6:42 am it was 8:42 central time

  191. Whens it exactly coming out

  192. I don’t know when it comes out exactly, but there are rumors about the 20th, 24th, and 25th. Though they are just rumors, they are realistic rumors because it’s near the end of September. I for one can’t wait for it to come out, but I have learn to wait (manly because I have six little cousins that I do know and love, but they can be a pain in the butt) and I hear to the more time we wait, the better it’s going to be. :D

  193. So when will this magical update happen I’m getting madder everyday at minecraft of course I still play it but thats not the point the point is when will it be released

  194. fourscoremfourscoremoth

    I for one agree with pasta because iv heard a lot of romors to and I cant wait for the update

  195. they should add my lil pony skins so us bronies could do som role playing in mine craft and i cant wait for creaive so we can do that!!!!

  196. 4j studios said “dont listen to rumors we still have work to do’

  197. Yes, I know this tyler, but again, they are realistic rumors. I talked to some people at my school and they said they don’t mine the update being in the first week of October, but again, we just keep an open mind and wait patently. Oh, and thank you fourscoremoth for agreeing with me. ( Very little people agree with me…but they do think I’m crazy either way. XD )


  198. 4jstudios said they have a week or to till give it to testing people

  199. Some of you idiots are so impatient. I would love to see you try programming all the necessary stuff for the game, and how long it actually does take. You honestly think sitting there bitching and complaining will make them “hurry’ no it simply will make the game more buggy and glitch if they “hurry” because they wouldn’t be putting 100% on it, grow up you impatient kids.

    Ps. Some of you need to learn to spell.

    • Shut the fuck up bitch boy. Being impatient is completely normal. Get off your high horse, or better yet take the horse cock out of your ass. Fucking pussy ass mother fucker.

    • take it easy killer. they could have had this update out earlier if they really tried. u have no idea how many people they have working on this right now and it has probably been ready for a month. they re trying to make us want the update more and more so more people will get it.

  200. Its our life fuck u plus i wanna c u do it

  201. You obviously can’t read, or spell for that matter.

    I cant program, nor do I want to try but i’m not rushing Notch to make a game and half ass it, so people bitch even more, >.<..that is once again basicaly what i said, should have put it in words you could understand tnough.

    • I agree with you whole heartily. They must have some time to create the game and also if they do only half way, people will bitch the whole time. People don’t want have ass done, they want good quality so that’s why they take that long. Now to all that are reading this.

      Eat Chocolate, and do not complain. >:D

      • I have been waiting for the update, just like the rest of the people on this website, and as have you, but the people, think coming on here, writing hurry up will make it any faster? I can almost promise Notch doesn’t even look on this website. Bugging him will not make it go any faster, and the kids are so ignorant and dumb to understand programming is a time consuming process, especially since minecraft is a PC game, and there bringing it onto a xbox which will take a lot more time to test and run it, because Xbox, isn’t going to be able to run EVERYTHING the PC version can. People need to learn to understand this.

        The time that is being said on the internet is at the end of September, beginning of August, though I can not confirm this as I do not know, or work for Notch himself, this is simply what I have read of the internet.

  202. Ill be fine as long as its before december

  203. Agreed. Though It would be cool to have it as a Christmas present. :3 *shotsohard X3*

  204. Auguest was last month dumbass and i really dought it

  205. I was JOKING. Oh, and it’s not dought, it’s doubt. :P

    Either way, learn to try to take a joke, and brighten the mood. All of you people are so annoyed about the update. Now take a step back, breath, and eat an apple or something. =_=

  206. I’m SOOOOO exited for the Minecraft update!!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Only like a week left;)

  207. Btw nice name pasta. Pasta is my fav food;) and I also agree. As much as I REALLY want the update to come out I’m willing to wait and I know 4j studios is working really hard to try to get it out as soon as they can.

  208. Thank you! ^_^ Pasta is my favorite food too. :D They work hard, and it’s not easy.

    Also, I hope you are a girl because I would feel alone. ._.

  209. Yah I’m a girl;)

  210. Nooo i thought u were a boy :P

  211. Weird……ur all weird……

  212. Yush, and Thank you, thank very much! I know I’m weird and/or slightly insane. :D

  213. I’ve lost part of my mind over the past year

  214. I made a slight mistake, by saying August, well, at least I can spell right, as Pasta already freaking corrected you. So, I’m not the one who you should be calling a dumbass. :3 I seem to know a little more then you do.

  215. Ps. I’m a girl as well.

  216. When will this dumb update come out

  217. Why does this have over 200 comments? ,__,

  218. Do u think i give a fuck if i misspell August once

  219. One, Yea~!! :D

    Two, I have no clue why this have over 200 comments. :3

    Three, they work hard so we can have a awesome game to play. Now, let us calm down and eat CAKE!!!

    *Cake is not a lie. >:D *

  220. When in this fuckin world update the damn game??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. Add me on Xbox Unsocial towel

  222. I’m positive it comes out next week

  223. How do u know it comes out next week?

  224. I really hope that it does come out this week.

  225. I hear people say all the time that minecraft for the Xbox360 is considered a different games then the pc version because you cant even compare it the the pc version

  226. I didn’t say you misspelled August XD.

    Also, why is it bad that there is comments on this thread? I don’t see anything wrong with it, most of the comments are people bitching about how Notch is taking his sweet time, which he deserved to do.

    And yes, Notch himself even said, Minecraft Xbox, is not Minecraft itself, it is Minecraft Xbox edition.

  227. Hey I’m not complaining. I was just saying that I hope it comes out this week, really I don’t care how long it takes them to make it as long as it does come out I’ll be happy.


  229. Bynix how old r u

  230. When is that any of your business on how old someone is?

    Either way, I hear that it have gone into Microsoft on the second so it should be about a two to three weeks at most. So that is GOOD. :D

    Also, think happy thoughts…that is not going on ranting on the minecraft game. It won’t help. My sister tried. XD

  231. I’m excited, but just be patient. I’ve waited a few months now.

  232. Only a few weeks come on people stop moaning they have worked really hard come on please

  233. Wat shes a pain in the ass the older they r the more they r

  234. I say relax and Hakuna Matata.

  235. COME ON!!!! I CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!!! i thought it would come out this week;( WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. come on it said this week were is it come on so annoyed

  237. I’m a pain in the ass because i’m speaking my opinion, and I don’t have a problem speaking my opinion. I don’t mind telling you how old I am, I’m turning 20, that is why, a pain in the ass, sure I am :3 I just use logic, and I am patient, and slightly more mature, then some of the people who have commented on this thing.

    “Pussy” “Go fuck yourself”

    How immature, seems to me the only mature one is Pasta, she actually has a head on her shoulders, and some respect, I was simply saying, stop rushing Notch, and you, and a couple others jump down my throat, not my fault you can’t take Criticism , none the less someone else’s opinion.

  238. I’m patient too;)

  239. Ok ur a 20 year old pain in the ass :P

  240. All right, now let us all calm down, take a breather, and look on the bright side of things. They are also trying to get not only the Xbox but the Computer update ready for the 31st as well so they have a lot of work to do.

    P.S we are all pain in the ass to each other, get over it. XP

  241. Ohhh the bright side u mean how they promiss great updates and keep knocking back the release date

  242. Yes, I mean exactly that. ^_^

  243. Hey just started playing this game about a month ago and I am already hooked i cant wait to see how awesome this update will be.

    also pasta is the shit xD .. if cooked right other wise its just plain old nasty =(

    well just figured id give my 2 cents, take care

  244. Im about to say screw it

  245. :'( they r trying to mess with my head!!! IMA GOING CRAZY WAITING FOR THIS UPDATE!!!…. why 4j studios?….why….

  246. 4j studios submitted Minecraft update on October 4 Microsoft it has been in cert testing since then and hopefully should come out tomorrow Because Microsoft typically takes about 10 days to approve an update

  247. But it may still be several days and if its approved who says they will release right away

  248. Pasta is awesome. >:D

    Either way, for now let us relax, if Dark Bringer is right, we dont have to wait long. :)

    P.S Fried Chicken is awesome. ^_^

  249. I am done waiting for this update -_- I will just check my Xbox game in a month and hopefully the update will be ready.

  250. The update is coming tomorrow learn how to search noobs and get a life you guys are jst waiting for the update

  251. YEA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shotsohard*

    And it’s in time for my sister birthday, even if it’s three day’s early. XD

    I always wonder what would happen to forms like these when It’s out and ready? ._.

    We should have a food war. XD

    *me start* Pasta~!!!

  252. What will happen is we will start to complain about the next update and how long it’s taking

  253. Then I will see you all there on the form. ^_^ Just be glad we her this update today. :D

  254. They said it was today.

  255. So is the update out now? I’m confused…

  256. Been on vacation hope to come home to an update : D

  257. Ya the update is out. It’s been out for almost a week.

  258. I wonder when the next update is guna.hav i know wen its coming i just dont know what it has… I hope its a xp thing or a enchanting or a brewing station

  259. Idk if anybod will see this but I wanted to see if you all could try and get original crafting in xbox but it can be an option setting too. And see if u could add mobs

  260. I think we should get spawn eggs and we should be able to trade with villagers, also the bug where the end doesn’t work should be fixed

  261. Yolo
    I want original crafting

  262. I wont to have the xbox360edition minecraft update heir rate now

  263. Ok mongan!!!!!!!!

  264. Make a update now

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