Activision Settles with EA over Infinity Ward Case, West and Zampella Still Suing


The lawsuit against Activision over the firings of Jason West and Vince Zampella continues to twist and turn, leaving onlookers confused and scratching heads over who’s suing whom over what and why. It’s maddening, I tell you.

The latest development was reported late yesterday, when news broke that Activision had settled a portion of its dispute with Electronic Arts. Activision named EA in a suit, alleging that they had conspired with West and Zampella to leave Activision with two years still left on their contract, says a report on Bloomberg. The details of the settlement are being kept secret, but Activision’s suit against EA called for $400 million in damages.

Of course, the attorney for West and Zampella, Robert Schwartz, is using this settlement as ammunition for his clients’ case against Activision:

“Activision dragged EA into the case hoping to distract from Activision’s wretched conduct towards West and Zampella. In dismissing EA today, Activision admits that it was never going to convince anyone that EA conspired with West and Zampella to breach their contracts or did anything else improper.”

The developers seek $1 billion in damages for alleged fraud and unpaid royalties. Not only that, but a report on GiantBomb alleges that Activision covertly launched something referred to as “Project Icebreaker,” in which the company actually instructed their director of IT to dig up dirt on West and Zampella as relations between Activision and Infinity Ward began to break down in 2009. In fact, the report claims that Activision even considered staging a fumigation or fire drill to get them out of their offices and break in to their computers.

Let’s just get this out of the way: holy moley. If this stuff is true, that’s some pretty shady stuff. No matter what, this whole thing gives me a headache. Can’t we all just play nice and have fun with Super Mario or something? Or settle it all via Quake tournament? Notch has the right idea, man.

Bloomberg and GiantBomb via Joystiq

  1. I…don’t even….what!?

    This is just further ammunition to avoid everyone that makes more than 5 million a year in revenue…………

    This is just ridiculous on all accounts, it also kinda proves my conspiracy theory that all the large publishers are working together to force the market into a new direction……

  2. René Mathias Rojas

    Wow, they could make action movies or even better, games, about these situations. Would be pretty awesome, all these conspiracies and whatnot, taking place in places we could realistically see them happen. You rarely see that in video games, sometimes they’re too overdone or unrealistic. Heavy Rain did a good job on that, allthough it’s not really conspiracy related it’s got the right idea. And as I’m reading this again I find it hard to make sense of this. But I hope you get my point.

  3. The developers seek $1 billion? That’s the same amount that Oracle are asking for in the disagreement with Google over Java API usage in Android.

    I assume the unpaid loyalties make up a large portion of that $1 billion figure? If not, it seems a bit ridiculous.

  4. “Don’t worry, Bobby will take care of you”

  5. This case makes me LOL. It is full of stupid people.

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