Hitman Absolution Release Date and Sniper Challenge Pre-order Mission Announced

Square Enix today announced that the latest installment in their bald-headed-killing-guy franchise, Hitman: Absolution, will be coming out on November 20 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. In addition, by pre-ordering the game from GameStop starting on May 15, gamers will have the chance to compete in the Hitman: Sniper Challenge.

The bonus takes the form of an exclusive mission that tasks players with killing Richard Strong, Jr., fictional CEO of equally fictional Stallion Armaments, as well as his even more fictional bodyguards (everyone knows bodyguards are a myth, like sasquatch and Finland). The highest scoring players will win a trip for two to Copenhagen, where they’ll meet with the game’s developers and be incorporated into the next Hitman game. Not only that, but players who participate in the challenge will be able to bring the Kazo TRG sniper rifle into the main game, too.

This is probably one of the cooler pre-order incentives I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s got everything gamers love: contests, leaderboards, guns, and Copenhagen (unlike Finland, Denmark is NOT A MYTH). Not only that, but the mission itself will be downloadable for consoles on May 15, with the mission coming to Steam a short time later on August 1. That’s bananas! You get to even play the damn game early!

Argh. I kind of want to pre-order the game just to get to the mission early…argh! Too many damn games!



  1. Whyyyy are they hating on assassin’s creed??? Lol. It was funny and all but I don’t get it. Game’s aren’t that similar to each other…

  2. I like Hitman more than assasin s creed.

  3. Plz help me i have only one mission where more missions?

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