Call of Duty: Black Ops II World Reveal Trailer

As teased and indicated for the past few days, Activision’s released the first official trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The trailer confirms a few rumored details about the game — it’ll be in the near future, and it’ll presumably feature killbots gone mad. Also, horses. Neeeeeigh.

And, annoyingly from my end, the title isn’t so much Black Ops 2 as Black Ops II. NOW we have to change the tags. Jeez.

Unfortunately for Black Ops II, a more accurate trailer released about thirty minutes beforehand. Sucks for you guys Treyarch, I know which Black Ops I’ll be playing come the Holiday season:

ALAS, the video has been removed thanks to some intense homo-eroticism. If you missed it, yes it was THAT awesome.

But there’s still some awesome to go around. Check out Mr. Sark’s interview with Treyarch Head Mark Lamia about the game’s single player campaign.


    • Seriously. All I could say after watching that was: What the Fuck did I just watch.
      This is where either Cod gets reinvented and Treyarch rejoices with their fans and god i dont know, prestige edition will have a saddle.
      Or, this is where Cod is driven into the ground.
      Looking at the trailer, i am tending to “driving it into the ground”. Yes, new things, but that was just pure confusion. Seriously, who is gonna believe that by 2025 that old dude is still alive (he already looked old in BO1) , and who will believe that the world is made of robots (skynet, much) . Also, this aint battlefield, get the vehicle gameplay outta there and god i dont know what…. too many complaints…
      I am just waiting for them to ruin the last good thing cod has: Zombies, they will probably manage that too though.
      But there is still hope, maybe this wont be too bad, but first impression is a “mediocre to bad” from me. and seriously , horses ….

      PS: lets hope battlefield 2143 is gonna be better :P

      • Donutpalmtree

        They’re on their 9th game in the series and you still think that theres more ground to be driven into?

      • If you pay close attention to the title that says Black ops their are dates and coordinates. South Africa in 82, Afghanistan 87 (which could explain the horses), Panama 89. Could explain what happen to Mason and Woods after Blops 1.

      • I hope you are right. I was really hoping they would continue the story, not skip forward 60 years. I don’t mind futuristic shooters per se, but moving from vietnam to terminator seems like a massive shoehorn to me.

      • There will be two storylines:

        One of them will be in the 80’s where you’ll continue to play as Mason.

        The second one which is in 2025 will be you playing as Mason’s son.

  2. I was confident that I would never touch another CoD title again, but this trailer really surprised me. I was jumping up and down like a madman… until I saw the horse scene… I think I’m with everyone in the world in saying… WTF? I’ve been dying for a realistic/futuristic FPS. This could be the chosen one…

  3. I hate CoD with a passion and had sworn off the series forever after MW3’s campaign was screwed up, but this has suprised me.

    I say kudos to Treyarch for trying to reinvent CoD. It may be a lost cause, but it needs to be done. I was honestly getting a bit sick of the same copypasta game having an iron grip over the entirety of gaming.

    Treyarch is a good developer stuck making CoD games because Activision is money hungry. Maybe now the game industry can move forward since CoD seems to be breaking away from its traditional formula.

  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Cyberwar Bulshit

  5. I still can’t get over the fact that it ended with: “THE FUTURE IS BLACK.” LOL

  6. How can you complain about the futuristic armaments? The rate at which technology is progressing nowadays leaves the image of the future entirely up for grabs, and in my personal opinion, I can see small mobile turrets as completely feasible. If we can build EOD bots to defuse explosives and Reaper air-to-surface unmanned bombings, how is a remote controlled turret out of the range of possible? As for the vehicle warfare, that’s not going to be in multiplayer. Helicopter gameplay has been in, what, the last four COD games? How is this utterly atrocious to some of you? Do you just sit down and say “Fuck rationality! I want to complain about something today!”?

  7. So excited for this game. I have slowly strayed away from playing CoD, only inserting the occasional black ops to play zombies but I feel like this game is going to revive it. The whole strike force stuff sounds awesome and I think I’ll end up playing more campaign than ever.

  8. I just want to point out that in the part where you view the jet from first-person, when he hits the target he gets a Hit-Marker.
    Either they’ve implemented Hit-Markers into singleplayer or they’ve implemented Jets into multiplayer.

  9. What about the zombies?

  10. Well they couldn’t do modern warfare so they decided future warfare

  11. I know why I want this game and it’s for zombies.

  12. The only cool thing in this video was the horses :D

    A tank? Nope. A horse? Hell yeah, that’s vehicle gameplay! xD

  13. Well from watching those videos all I have to say is “Horses!” What is this nonsense plus all this futuristic stuff is not cool either. I liked Black Ops and well I hope that this new BOll shows me something to make me buy this game cause otherwise is back to MW3.

  14. i agree, wth with the horses but that’s probably just a little campaign level to have a little fun. Plus it doesn’t matter if its way in the future, yes it seems too futuristic but they can’t keep repeating other wars, so they have to make up their own. Black Ops was present day so why would they go back in time especially when all the other CoD games have done almost all the wars they can, its their 10th game so give them a break, the series will be done soon, either with this game or the next MW. Also zombies will be the best part of black ops II

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