Crysis 3 Officially Announced for Spring 2013


As hinted at over the past week, Crytek and EA have finally announced the third chapter in the Crysis trilogy, Crysis 3. It’s locked for launch in the spring of 2013 for PC (via Origin), Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Powered by the company’s ever-impressive proprietary tech, CryEngine 3, Crysis 3 grounds itself in jungle-covered New York City, with players exploring the game as prophet from the previous games. The city itself has been encased in a giant dome, and is overgrown with trees and wildlife – both good and bad.


There are seven main themes for you to explore in New York, known as the “Seven Wonders”. As you make your way through the sandbox that is the Big Apple, you’ll seek to uncover the truth behind the dome and its purpose – using “kick ass future weaponry”, I might add. This includes an all new compound bow, which has been teased numerously over the past few days.

More details and images are available on the Crysis website for your viewing pleasure.


Also, a new trailer is set to launch in just under a week, so don’t jet away from your computer just yet. Unless it’s to pre-order, in which case, you’re excused.

  1. I want to know if I get to go all Rambo First Blood Part 2 with the bow and arrows on the aliens.

  2. I knew Crysis 3 would come sooner or later. Mainly because Crysis is a popular and good selling franchise and EA needs this kind of games to continue sitting in Jarl style on a huge pile of cash and gold. lol

  3. the fact that we will be playing as prophet makes me worried, if by prophet u mean the guy who killed himeself at the begging of crysis 2

    • If you saw the ending of Crysis 2 you would know why it HAS to be prophet.

    • Yeah that confused even me. Half the information that we have for now hint that the game will be a prequel to Crysis 2, while the other half of information lead to the thing that Crysis 3 is set after Crysis 2. For now we don’t know.

      • It can’t be a prequel, sheesh. It’s New York – We were there in Crysis 2, and it wasn’t covered in jungle. Have you even played Crysis 2? Do you know what happens in the end? Maybe you should play it before being “confused”.
        BTW, the game looks awesome.

  4. Need to play Crysis 1 and 2 now..

  5. Convenient that my brother just bought C1 on console.

  6. Hopefully it will be a good PC game this time ’round.

  7. I hope its more like the first game. Crysis 2 was fun but it didn’t feel like Crysis that much.

  8. Oh look. I have a computer that will be able to run this! Oh wait. Origin. Oh look. I also have a PS3! Screw EA.

  9. CryTek is gonna blow our mind. And EA will waste its strength trying to put it back together. Seriously, what the F is wrong with you, EA?

  10. If Crysis 3 is as good as it looks and is described, plus with the new engine CryTek are using, it should be one of the best titles of it’s year. Looking forward to playing it :D

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