Microsoft Patented An Xbox Helmet & Sunglasses


Adding to the list of old patents that are rumored to be true is the duo of patents from Microsoft in 2010 – one for an aviation-esque Gaming Helmet for console players, and a pair of sunglasses compatible with smartphones and mobile devices.

Dug up by the aptly named site Patentbolt (via EuroGamer), it was discovered that these patents were filed in Q3 2010 and published by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

In detail, the eyewear would produce images that would be 16:9 widescreen and “appear to the wearer as if it were 21 inches in diagonal and viewed at arm’s length”. Users could also enable stereoscopic 3D viewing of the image.

Augmented reality is also a significant part of this patent, as the viewing area may be slightly transparent, allowing the projection of augmented reality on to real world objects – much like the AR games for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.

As patents protect original ideas, the most technical enhancement of this eyewear is Microsoft’s “virtual-image projector”, which uses “a laser configured to form a narrow beam, first and second dilation optics, first and second redirection optics, and a controller”.

A controller, in this respect, is not referring to a traditional game pad, but an alternative form of input (likely related to the eyes). It’s important to note that the above picture is an illustration of ideas, not working prototypes.

So is this what we’ll see at E3 2012? Is this Microsoft’s secret weapon to combat the WiiU? No, probably not.

But hey, who doesn’t enjoy speculation?


  2. does this mean i can play video games on the beach?

  3. Can we just get the virtual display without the gimmicky stuff? Cause that would be rather cool.

  4. So it’s the virtual boy’s grandson?

  5. Sure, just when i recovered from my eyecancer caused by the virtual boy.

  6. Because these have gone so well in the past.

    Machinima better be backing this, because if it launches you will save a lot of money on make-up for “Bite Me”.

  7. Is it just me or do microsoft help kids get beat up at school?

  8. I can see it now… E3 2012!!! A stick you can shove up your ***, allowing the console to determine your core temperature!!!

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