Notch Endorses EA’s Origin While Simultaneously Insulting It

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Mr. Minecraft himself, Markus “Notch” Persson, was interviewed over at GameSpy the other day. Throughout the interview, he offers plenty of interesting insights into Mojang, the company’s upcoming Scrolls title, and even a bit about his now-infamous offer to fund Psychonauts 2.

But perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the interview is when Notch talks about EA’s online retailer, Origin. Origin, you are probably aware, is the bane of many gamers’ existence, and has even been accused of being spyware in the service of Electronic Arts.

Well, Notch will have none of that. Well, Notch will not have some of that. In the interview, he talked about why having Origin around is ultimately a good thing:

“I think it’s a bit dangerous to only have one digital distribution platform like Steam. I love Valve, but out of principle, I find the idea of one platform a bit scary. So I like that there are others competing – for example, Desura and Impulse, who recently got bought by GameStop. It’s a good thing that there are more.”

Then, of course, he goes right back to bashing Origin:

“Origin does a couple things badly compared to Steam — which is impressive since they had eight years to study Steam. They should definitely have a chance to do their thing, but they might want to move away from titles that make people use it and show people why they should use it. But I think, in principle, it’s a good thing.”

There you go. As the GameSpy post notes, “That’s actually the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about Origin.”

Lay it on us. Origin: yea or nay?

Via GameSpy

  1. Origin would be a lot better if they didn’t force you to use it. It would also be better if they didn’t just yank their games off of Steam and make you use a different service if you want to play different games. Like Notch said, they shouldn’t FORCE you to use it, they should show you why you SHOULD use it.

    • They should also completely leave browsers out of it. I tried to play the BF3 beta, but I was unable to because I couldn’t find a server on my PC.

    • To me the problem is somewhat in between that, you see, I have no problem in using Origin (in theory here) for EA games, since all in all, EA always made you sign in for their games, the problem to me comes in the fact that the majority of games I own retail, don’t work with Origin, and the ones that do work, were not updated to reflect Origin, so you have to sign in on Origin, and then sign in with the same account on the game, it feels redundant, and Valve fixed that on day one.

      Add that and the fact that some games like BF3 you need to use your browser for server finding and stats instead of the own game, and not even that, you gotta constant update your damn browser plugin because they keep releasing updates, makes me stick to steam ’till the end of times.

  2. Steam > everything else

    seriously, origin is just a dead, empty wanna-be steam like the rest of those

    Steam has the feeling of a live community atleast, like a facebook or something

  3. No. At first it was just me being stubborn about wanting to use something other than steam, but then i saw it sucked. And what made me hate it further was putting big title that alot of people want on it and having that be the only way to get them. Forcing people to use it.

  4. It’s fair to say that there shouldn’t only be one major digital distribution platform in the PC gaming world, though as he stated himself Desura and Impulse both exist already, which both provide a far less intrusive service than Origin; often having games sold both on their own platform as well as Steam.

  5. I like origin. Not even trollin.

  6. I just don’t see why they can’t have their games on steam, as well. All they need to make Origin people’s first vendor for their IP is to have constant sales, while restricting steams capabilities of lowering the price from the market standard.

  7. Well I say no to origin just because there is a little tiny bug.u can change your origin language but you can’t change the store pages language(they localize it by your IP well that what i heard).Then why the F even though I’m living in Lithuania the store page is in Spanish.And to add to that the currency is also spanish.So it just discourages me form wanting to buy anything on origin and even using it.And it appears that this problem has been around since day one and still hasn’t been F fixed.

    P.S. EA get your shit together you either Fix Origin OR REMOVE IT COMPLETELY.

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