Bethesda to Unveil Elder Scrolls Online this May?

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According to a post on Tom’s Guide, industry sources have revealed that Bethesda and ZeniMax are planning on revealing details about Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO set several hundred years, or “a full millennium before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”

That would make this game, like, even Elderer Scrolls. Though not yet the Elderest. Those are words, right?

According to the source, players will be able to join one of three factions, signified by a lion, a dragon, or a bird of prey, a detail that reminds me of Game of Thrones, what with the Lion of Lannister, the Dire Wolf of Stark, and what have you. The post also notes that after the May reveal, Bethesda will have a presence for the game at June’s E3 and at Quakecon in August, so if nothing else, we won’t have long to wait to see if these rumors come to fruition.

Over on Eurogamer, there’s some more background offered about how long Elder Scrolls Online may have been in the works. The post refers to Bethesda registering the address for in 2007, with the company’s marketing VP Pete Hines explaining that they simply wanted to avoid domain squatters picking up anything they might want to use in the future. In 2010, court papers from the ZeniMax/Interplay lawsuit revealed that Bethesda was working on a “World of Warcraft type MMO,” having been in the works since 2006 with a budget of “tens of millions of dollars.”

What do you think? Elder Scrolls Online sound interesting to you? Is there room in your heart for another MMO? Or are you calling it quits after you’ve had enough of The Old Republic?

Via Tom’s Guide and Eurogamer

  1. This sounds pretty awesome, but it’s probably gonna be extremely glitchy.

  2. Personally, I don’t really like the idea. The whole point of The Elder Scrolls was making you feel absorbed into the world. You could be anything you want, and no one told you otherwise. Whether you sucked or rocked, no one judged you by how well you played the game. It was just you, and the world of The Elder Scrolls. Everything feels real, because there are no distractions from the outside world. To make The Elder Scrolls online really takes away from this feeling. It’s hard to engross yourself in a world when you have an 8 year old calling you a noob, and an elitist bragging about, well, whatever the hell they brag about. I’m sick of developers trying to incorporate multiplayer into every game, even if it is separate from the main series. This won’t be an Elder Scrolls game, it will be a WOW clone. End of rant.

    • You can see the future can’t you?

    • It’s because uneducated children take up most the market, and whatever they want go’s.
      Co-Op doesn’t work for every game. It’s like Gabe’n said, in Co-Op players will stop paying attention to the story so they can ask each other what they had for dinner. Co-Op is a distraction from the game it’s self.
      Also I hate monthly fees.

  3. It will be DISAPPOINTING if they do it like WoW and ruin my out look at Elder scrolls as the Best Games I’ve Ever Played!!! and make it second best Sigh…………….

  4. Leave MMO’s to ArenaNet and their Guild Wars 2.. :)

  5. I hope that if they do it, they do it their own way.
    Although I realize I’m being optimistic as fuck here.

  6. They might be able to pull this off. The world is huge so I could see it work.

  7. I’d try it, I like the lore of the series.
    I doubt it would be developed by the same studio that does Skyrim and Fallout 3 and what not.
    I think the Battlespire game scared Todd Howard away from multiplayer forever.

  8. Yeah sounds interesting! I would hope that they leave it as free roaming as the games with the anything goes idea. Make bandit guilds to rob towns and people plus stay wanted criminals. That would be fun as hell.

  9. No mods? Oh well.

  10. Can it be on MMO on consoles too?

  11. M’aiq thinks dragons, bird’s of prey and lions are not good. M’aiq also thinks this might be in a merethic-ish era in tamriel or another continent. M’aiq hopes they have sweetrolls and is tired of talking now.

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