Double Fine Kickstarter Ends with $3.3 Million in Funding

double fine millions

Not much more to say than what’s in the headline—simply put, Tim Schafer’s crowd-funded point-and-click “Adventure” project earned $3,336,371. That’s $2,936,371 more than their original $400,000 goal, which they met and surpassed in about eight hours when the project first launched a month ago.

It’s quite the achievement, and it’s likely that the 87,142 backers will be pretty happy with their investment when the game’s delivered in October.

Interestingly, taking a cue from Double Fine’s success on Kickstarter, inXile entertainment has taken to the fundraising website to get cash to make Wasteland 2, as we reported yesterday. And while they haven’t been able to exactly duplicate Double Fine’s one-day success, they’re still raising money like gangbusters. With 33 days left to go, Wasteland 2 is up to $639,480 of their $900,000 goal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cross over into at least a cool million by the time the funding period’s over.

How many more developers will go the Kickstarter route?  How many more projects are fans willing to pay for in the development stages? Is this just a fad, or is it a serious game-changer for how projects are going to be made?

  1. i still got brutal legends :D

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