Pokemon Black and White 2 Will Have New Story and Features, Box Art revealed


Details regarding the recently unveiled Pokemon Black and White Version 2 have been slowly trickling out of Japan. According to Japanese publication CoroCoro, these new DS-exclusive versions will have a brand new storyline and features.

That’s it. If I had more details for you, I’d be spewing them like the inner Pokemon fanboy wants me to.

My main questions is, what do they mean by “new storyline”? Hasn’t the Pokemon narrative (essentially) been following the same formula since Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow? Also, what do the imply by new features? Perhaps you can now send txt’s on the phone that was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver?

But alas, we’ll just have to continue speculating until we hear more on these new “features” and “storyline”.

What say you Pokemon fans?

[via MyNintendoNews]

  1. Innovation at it’s finest.

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