Notch Teases Unsolved Minecraft Mystery

minecraft snooping

Over on IGN, it’s been reported that there’s an as-yet undiscovered secret in Minecraft

…and that’s it.


Apparently the “revelation” comes from an interview with Markus “Notch” Persson, who chatted about the secret during GDC yesterday. The post says that “one secret has eluded even the most hardcore players.”

I  mean, at this point, there’s really only one safe guess as to what it is, and that’s just tons and tons of dead hookers.


Okay, so it’s probably not dead hookers. Or even live ones. Maybe it’s guns or something. Or, like, if you eat a certain block, you grow thirty feet, and can just step on all kidnsa stuff. Yeah, that’s probably it.

I don’t know. What do you think it is? I’m changing my guess back to dead hookers.


  1. I think he may have been joking.

  2. HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s perfect.All minecraft pros know Herobrine doesn’t exist,so they don’t look for anything wierd or Herobrine-y(But he could exist).And then there are noobs,who believe Herobrine is real,but are too noobish to craft a pickaxe or look for Herobrine!

  3. I did find out a glitch to make any item but blocks green, you need the /hat command in a server though but I’m not quite sure if notch intened it to be there

  4. the secret was found on reddit. the secret has a 1 in 10,000 (or 1,000) chance of occurring. When you start up the game, if it is the right chance, the title screen will say “minceraft” instead of “minecraft” Its on the Yogscast channel on youtube

  5. This could be the solution:

    If you play Minecraft (I think since version 1.1?) you can hear sometimes some strange noise (which sounds like if a zombie breaks a door ( very loud ) but NOT in the Hardcore mode

    So i looked in the sound/audio files and couldnt find any noise which is like that one!

    Isnt this mysterious enough???

    So if you hear this sound guys be fast and look for the source of it! ( the sound is only there for about 2 – 3 sec!)

    Remember Bestofgoon told you first! ;)

  6. Michael thats just a easteregg not a mystery so keep searching! ;)

  7. Minecraft sucks ass…. Yeah, I’m proud of Notch for his hard work and I hope people keep playing his games… But personally, I’d rather shoot myself in the foot…

    Now, excuse me. I have Forge on pause.

  8. What are you doing then here?
    I hate pPl which come on sides like this and write a hate post about the topic!

  9. Epic fail man now you think you are cool or smthing? “Now excuse me I have forge running”
    I have Battlefield 3 running but I dont say that because I Need to be cool!
    XD Dumbass

  10. or it could be thres a dungion some where thats full of signs that eplain the history of herobrine (if he exits) of maybe the history of the ender dragon dont know maybe hell be nice enough to tell us

  11. I read “The Secret of Minecraft” and “The Mysterious Minecraft Creature” creepypastas. And a few sources suggest that the game “programs” it self! Do you think it’s programmed to create things itself? Did you know the wolf wasn’t supposed to chase and kill sheep? Notch was surprised when he found this out, because he didn’t add it!

  12. some people say the herobrine exist other dont but I have never seen him I went for a search for him and never saw him

  13. herobrine!!!!!←★★♀♀♀⇔♀♂

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